Gaoqiao Town explores a new model of community affairs management, opening up the “last mile” to serve the masses

Medical records have been used up, the new social security card has not been opened, no running, no need to queue, as long as 5 minutes, the matter will be done!How is this done?In order to enable community residents to enjoy the convenience of “one-stop service”, Gaoqiao Town actively explored a new mode of community affairs management, implemented “remote video assistance” and other government services to benefit the people, and opened up the “last mile” to serve the masses.Gaoqiao town relies on the “one-stop” service of “doorstep service station”, focusing on the needs of the people and problem-oriented, from shortening the service time, to expand the service space, from simplifying the service process, to improve the service efficiency, and further promote the quality and energy of doorstep government services.Optimization of e-government service level Improve the work satisfaction gaoqiao comprehensive promotion use “remote video deputy” system, through the “cloud” classroom, classroom scene and sinking, guidance and other forms of 46 village via “full duty” social workers in multi-dimensional for home training, improve staff proficiency of system equipment and operation process,We will enhance the reception capacity of social workers’ comprehensive services on their doorstep.The town community affairs acceptance service center formulated the regional assistance acceptance system for the section leader, divided 46 villages into 6 areas, designated business backbone as the section leader, conducted face-to-face communication and on-site operation drills with the remote assistants of each village, reviewed and guided the book records, and solved the practical problems encountered in the work.At the same time, for the door service, to the village committee issued service quality questionnaire, actively collect the opinions and suggestions of the staff and the people, and summarize and summarize, for the village “door” government service work to lay a foundation, the real “door” government service implementation.The online convergence Promote e-government service precision gaoqiao push “door” service, deepen the expand the “door” service connotation, deputy with wisdom as the main way to permanently, preschool and refined in a three rc as a pilot, give full play to the advantage of the “home”, at the same time, the innovation to explore “one-on-one” door to door, deputy service,To meet the needs of special groups represented by the elderly government services.”With this service, we don’t have to go to the window of the service center, which is very convenient for seniors like us.”Aunt Zhang has experienced this “convenience” many times.Up to now, residents have handled 13,883 government services at their doorsteps, 6,097 on their behalf and 239 on their behalf through the “remote intelligent Assistance” platform.Further extends the “doorstep service” tentacles, so that residents can enjoy convenient and intimate services nearby.Collaboration between matrix expansion policy propaganda popularity gaoqiao adhere to adjust measures to local conditions, the high frequency, focus on the masses are badly in need of combining “I does the practical work for the masses”, fully implementing standardization, timely and dynamically adjust sinking list, 17 in the village of rc tease out door to deal with the matters of high frequency, and printed matters will be drawn into a flyer,In the community affairs acceptance center, village committee “doorstep service station” and other places for publicity and distribution.On the other hand, Gaoqiao Town to play the role of the community grassroots platform front position, make full use of the town’s village neighborhood committee propaganda column, LED display, Posting and rolling broadcast doorstep government services related content.At the same time, community workers take the way of door-to-door publicity, distribution of information, propaganda policies, the “door-to-door” government services to the hands of the masses, expand the coverage of publicity, improve the awareness and satisfaction of the masses.

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