World preliminary: tonight 8 o ‘clock Vietnam VS national football team pre-match analysis, dare not imagine national football team or defeat Vietnam

National soccer team will visit Vietnam at eight o ‘clock this evening, after the last round away defeat to Japan, the team’s also lose the World Cup qualification, and now need to prepare the work of the next World Cup, which is expected, but qualifying had finished playing, the game, the team in Vietnam is also the most weak opponents, we see the seven defeats in the group stage,It also reflects the strength of the team.From the performance of the team’s group stage 1 win 2 draw, wins the ball is the only face of Vietnam, while the previous round defeat to Japan, it is understandable that before facing Australia and Oman are able to remain unbeaten, recent state performance is good, defeated by the game in the face of Vietnam, finally turn this soft persimmon, believe the team’s players or confidence.Vietnam have lost all seven of their matches. They lost to Australia by four goals in the last round. We scored 1-1 against Australia last time.We through fundamental analysis, from the team on the team’s must be better than Vietnam, as the first day of the first lunar month the game, the game for the team’s also has a special significance, believe that the relevant departments of the leadership will also understand, the so-called four questions under YongFu, shall be in the team’s fighting spirit of the game than a scene to Japan’s stronger, after all, lose the Japanese can understand,The Vietnamese fans will not understand.From the data of the North Single, the match gave China half, which also belongs to a reasonable range. We can see that China’s national football team was half in the neutral field before. Another consideration is that China’s recent performance is slightly better than Vietnam.Generally speaking, the probability of the visiting team’s undefeated result is the first two, which is quite understandable. No matter the players, fans or leaders can accept losing to Vietnam, and the recent good undefeated ability of the visiting team can improve the probability of the undefeated result.However, I have a lot of expectations for Vietnam in this game. The odds of the home team winning the game are not high according to the data of North Single, which can also be seen that the index is more favorable to Vietnam, because the result will not be hot, and no one will choose. Here, we also need to prevent Vietnam from winning directly at home.Vietnam’s recent fundamentals are getting worse and worse, but considering the national football team is actually ok.On the other hand, from the perspective of sports and football, the team with more professional methods and more efforts should get a good return. I am optimistic about Vietnam in this match

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