Yin deficiency or Yang deficiency?Can you tell the difference

Beijing chongwenmen Hospital of Traditional Chinese medicine male branch kong Tao points out, speaking of Yin deficiency and Yang deficiency people are not too strange commonly, but can divide clear person truly?Yin deficiency is an imbalance between Yin and Yang caused by insufficient body fluid.Body fluid belongs to “Yin” category, is tangible, and can flow, can nourish and nourish the body.In addition to body fluid, the blood in the human body also belongs to the category of “Yin”, Chinese medicine explains that “blood origin”, body fluid and blood have interdependent relations, the lack of body fluid, will involve the blood.One, seemingly healthy but not Yin deficiency constitution of the people, often look very spiritual, speak loud voice, tone like strong expression, life sexual desire is very strong;Restless sleep, night sweats, irritability;Often hungry, thirsty, can eat and drink but thin;Ambitious, but hard to stick to.Generally speaking, if both of these phenomena, it is likely to be Yin deficiency constitution.Two, the face of young Yin deficiency never acne Yin deficiency constitution will generally appear dark skin, but never acne;Female Yin deficiency constitution sexual desire is weaker, accompanied by constipation.Because people with Yin deficiency constitution lack body fluid, body fluid can not bear, often feel dry mouth;Because the body fluid can not be timely input to the body surface, the skin will be exceptionally dry;Body fluid can not access the intestine, easy to cause constipation;The scarcity of body fluid affects the blood, so it is difficult to nourish the viscera of the human body, and it is easy to produce various diseases.Some people often have dry mouth and tongue, but the skin is not dry, so you can find the identification mark from the tongue coating and the cheek.If it’s pure heat, the coating on the tongue should be yellow.The tongue coating of Yin deficiency is less, thinner and dry.And the tongue of Yin deficiency will be thinner and narrower than ordinary people;Cheeks flushed, with ordinary people blush is obviously different, ordinary people blush is all red, and Yin deficiency of the flush but stop in the cheek, and floating on the surface;Yin deficiency often feels the whole body fever, but the measurement of temperature is normal.Four, long-term night sweats Yin deficiency constitution also has a characteristic, is often night sweats, and most of the time when sleeping at night sweating, but not after waking up.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “Yang plus Yin is sweat”.”Yin” sufficient, a variety of reasons lead to heat generation and increase in the body, Yang qi excited, transpiration of the “Yin”, sweat will be produced.It’s like boiling water. As you heat it up, there’s more and more steam.Chinese medicine has its own name for this kind of sweating —- night sweats.Under normal circumstances, Yang rises and Yin follows.During the day, the Yang qi of the human body rises and is distributed in the tissues and viscera of the body. It consumes itself all the time and plays the role of warmth (maintaining body temperature) and external health (body immunity).At this time part of the meridians “Yin” will go into the viscera together with Yang qi, nourishing moisten.Because people with Yin deficiency constitution lack Yin points, it is difficult to maintain normal operation, and it is difficult to deploy part of the force to follow Yang qi to play a role in the viscera and tissues.Therefore, inability to match Yang transpiration sweating, there will be dry eyes, blurred vision and other symptoms lost to moisten.Chinese medicine that often fear cold, cold hands and feet of a class of people classified as Yang deficiency constitution.Yang deficiency should be a holistic concept, including kidney Yang, spleen Yang, heart Yang, etc.To put it more popularly, the fire of human life is not strong enough.Among them, the relationship between kidney deficiency and Yang deficiency is the most close.Yang deficiency physique and cold physique close, Yang deficiency, cold symptoms, fatigue and fear of cold, cold limbs cold, pale lips, less gas lazy words, lethargy, male spermatorrhea;Female leucorrhea clear thin, easy diarrhea, frequent urination, sexual decline.Without Yang in one’s body, the fire of life is not strong enough to resist the invasion of nature’s wind and humidity.The daily performance of Yang deficiency constitution.Body shape complexion white fat or pale white without China, pale lips and mouth, body edema two.The tongue is fat and tender, the tongue coating is white and smooth, or there are teeth marks. The consumption and metabolism of water in the body depends on the transpiration of Yang qi.If Yang qi decline, transpiration of water consumption is insufficient, excess water stored in the body, resulting in tongue fat.The tongue is large and fat, with teeth squeezing and teeth marks.3.Mouth, hands and feet limbs are not warm, limbs are tired, fear of cold limbs cold, low body temperature, hands and feet cold, or afraid of cold waist back, or there is a cold feeling below the waist, cold limbs: because the limbs are the end of the Sun, so the cold hands and feet are more obvious;In terms of body parts, the front is the Yin, and the abdomen is the Yin;After Yang, back to the land of Yang, so Yang deficiency more cold abdomen, cold back;Yang up, Yin down.The kidney is the root of Yin and Yang, and its meridians reach the sole of the foot.Heaven and man correspond to each other in four hours.Day is sun and night is shade;Yang in summer and Yin in winter;Therefore Yang deficiency, symptoms often increase at night, especially in winter.Slightly cool wind, easy to feel, often nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing.Four.Feeling and sleep lethargy, due to lack of Yang qi, cell life activity decline, so the performance of sluggishness.Five.The pulse is fine and heavy. Due to the lack of Yang qi, the blood vessels can not be agitated, so the pulse is fine and weak.Six.Like heat subsidy, so the diet like warm hot dry hot, need to keep warm, so often closed doors, thick clothes heavy, curl prone.Seven. Loose stools thin.The urine is clear and long.There was undigested food in the stool.The ancients had a figurative metaphor for the emergence of this phenomenon: digestion of food is like cooking raw rice, stomach is like cooking pot, and Yang qi is like cooking fire. Without “fire”, rice cannot be cooked into “rice”.Therefore, when Yang qi is insufficient, the food entering the stomach is not properly decomposed (digested) and is discharged directly from the intestine.

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