Happy home for the Spring Festival anti-drug propaganda is not relaxed

“Auntie, this is our anti-drug work brochure, you can have a look.””Young man, be careful not to fall into the trap of drug dealers.”Recently, dushan County drug control office took full advantage of the Spring Festival holiday when a large number of migrant workers and students returned to their hometowns to actively carry out anti-drug publicity activities at dushan Bus Terminal.Event, put some drug samples attracted the masses watch, police were anti-drug publicity manual, while positive about drugs harm to society, families and individuals, called for the masses to alert, stay away from drugs, actively participate in the anti-drug activities, do go out no drug-related, returning home with no poison, determined to fight drug crime.”Before, always felt that the drug is far away from our life, see today” and “gods” and “happy water is put out new drugs, such as water, ‘let me shocked, drugs may be hidden in our daily life, I took a picture these publicity materials, ready to send to relatives and friends also have a look, let them alert.”Returnees cen Yixing while visiting the drug samples, while shocked.In addition, in order to make the anti-drug publicity to go deep, the police also home jurisdiction residents, deeply by issuing anti-drug publicity materials, deeply popular with the masses what drugs, how to identify drugs, such as how to say no to drugs in entertainment places little skill, remind people to polish eyes, don’t let the drug into the house, make sure that the people have a safe and peaceful New Year.The publicity activities, effectively deepen the people’s understanding of drugs, set up the ideological line of consciously away from drugs, create a strong anti-drug education atmosphere, further set off a nationwide anti-drug publicity upsurge in Dushan.(Xu Yan, Dushan Rong Media Center)

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