“New Year walk grassroots” Xiongguan streets in various forms of community warm people bustling New Year

In the coming 2022 year of the tiger, “two” one hundred goals history converge, “difference” key nodes, open new journey full of north-west streets communities actively carry out various forms of Spring Festival activities, through to send blessings, theatrical performances, fun games and other forms, improve jurisdiction residents feeling, happiness.Welcoming Community:In Spring Festival celebration of the games, parent-child ice movement for community residents with colorful culture life, closer to the community residents “neighborhood interaction, affection and mutual assistance” harmonic relationship between each other, enrich minors winter vacation life, at the same time to help the 2022 Beijing Olympics, developing district youth love of the motherland and interest in ice and snow sports, let the children experience fun brought by the ice and snow,Recently, the welcoming community held a “Winter Olympic Games, family ice sports” theme activity in the East Lake.Through colorful skating events, teaching and fun, knowledge and games, not only stimulate children’s inner potential, but also enhance the feelings between children and their parents, cohesion between big friends.In the future, the community will actively guide teenagers to participate in ice and snow sports, improve their understanding of ice and snow sports, and cultivate their interest and enthusiasm in participating in ice and snow sports.Changsheng community: to carry out the “Local Chinese New Year, warm heart accompanied” series of activities, the year of the Tiger Spring Festival in 2022, the festival approaching, many people changed the plan to return home, choose to continue to stick to their posts, the epidemic blocked the way home, but can not stop the flavor and true feelings, recently, Changsheng community to carry out the “local Chinese New Year warm heart accompanied” activities.Now hang in the center of the community culture activity, handmade lanterns, produced the year of the tiger movable frame, invite foreign residents and whole, young people in jiayuguan taken as a souvenir, and for distributing to jurisdictions that do not close the service contact CARDS, New Year in this special New Year send a care and blessing, through still photographs, one video,Feel the ordinary happiness of every ordinary worker, and let them follow these conveniently taken images to share the experience of “warm beside the local Chinese New Year”.Fumin community: Carry out the “Hand in Hand to build warm Winter” Spring Festival warm activities, Spring Festival is approaching, at the age of cold.Recently, fumin community joint Internet transfer unit justice Bureau, Jiusteel Hongda Company, rural commercial bank, municipal design institute, health service center, vocational education center, postal company for the district of 27 elderly party members, poor people to send rice, noodles, oil and Spring Festival couplets and other gifts, sent to the New Year’s blessing and sincere greetings.In the home of the veteran party members, carefully inquired about their retired life and physical condition, encouraged them to continue to play an exemplary role as party members, give full play to their spare heat, and contribute to community construction;In the families of the poor people, we patiently understand their living conditions and demands, encourage them to face difficulties bravely and build confidence in life.The joint construction of sympathy, so that the difficult people and veteran party members fully feel the party and community family of their care and love, while further narrowing the distance between the community and residents, effectively promote the community in the joint construction, promote the harmonious development of the community.Dawning Community:To carry out the “Spring Festival couplets on the Spring Festival to send blessings” theme activities to create a happy and peaceful festive atmosphere, enrich people’s spiritual and cultural life, recently, in north-west street light community invited area calligraphy lovers to carry out the “Spring Festival couplets on the Spring Festival to send blessings” theme activities, send Spring Festival couplets for area residents, delivering culture, send blessings, and send warm, the auspicious blessing to the families.Through writing Spring Festival couplets, the good wishes and deep care are sent to the residents, which not only spreads and promotes China’s traditional culture, but also creates a civilized, healthy, united and harmonious New Year atmosphere for the community.Victory community: clean and clean to welcome the Spring Festival is coming, in order to create a clean and tidy festival environment for the residents of the district, recently, the victory community joint property organization staff carried out a centralized renovation of environmental health before the Spring Festival in the area of the district.In the process of rectification, despite the cold weather, the participants were still enthusiastic and energetic.We work together, some responsible for garbage collection and bagging, some responsible for garbage removal and transportation, community environmental sanitation has been thoroughly cleaned up.Through this activity, the environmental health of the area has been effectively improved, and the community will continue to carry out environmental protection and supervision, forming a long-term mechanism of cleaning and renovation, and creating a comfortable and safe living environment for the residents of the area during the Spring Festival.Source | Jiayuguan Xiongguan Street editor | Guan Wei audit | Ai Peng

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