Sonorous roses always move us the most

Dead!China beat South Korea 3-2 to win the Asian Women’s Cup for the first time in 16 years.Beginning with the Chinese women’s team offensive is very fierce in 10 minutes made three threat opportunity but South Korea take two Chinese team 2-0 in the first half the Chinese women’s team didn’t give up fighting has continued efforts finally rewarded 68 minutes into the penalty in the shoot-out Tang Jiali 1-2 south Korean women’s 72th minute received Chinese women’s football Tang Jiali passing Zhang Linyan header equalised!!93 minutes Wang Shanshan straight plug behind!Xiao Yuyi scores!!Kill shot!!Chinese women’s soccer team beat South Korea 3-2 to win Asian championship!!Road to the promotion of Chinese women’s football is not plain sailing in reaching the knockout stages of the process, in fact it had some trouble on January 30th night last eight games between the Chinese women’s football and Vietnam women’s first to throw a ball under the condition of cream with the king a ball two assists and vian and win 3-1 reversal Tang Jiali goal that with China’s women’s team enters the Asian cup semi-finals made 2 smoothlyTickets for the 023 FIFA women’s World Cup completed at the Asian cup on February 3, the primary goal of the Chinese women’s football in the semi-finals against Japan it is a “behind twice and won” a reversal of the Chinese women’s team in the case of two behind twice equalised doggedly eventually the Chinese women’s team won on penalties by 4:3 captain vian said.”Japan was a big challenge, but we didn’t give up at the end.””Tonight, watch us,” Wang Shuang of China’s women’s soccer team wrote on weibo before today’s final.After the game topic # Wang Shuang said right to see your # rush microblogging hot search never give up, never say die.The spirit of women’s football is passed down from generation to generation.Sonorous roses, always can give me the most moved!Chinese women’s football team, can always be trusted!Sources: Guangxi Traffic Station comprehensive observer network, Migu Sports, People’s Daily, CCTV news, Beijing Daily Editor: Su Yaodan Duty director: Yuan Yuzi

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