With a micro film point out the core of enterprise growth, the spring and Autumn enlarged the move

It’s January 2022, and there’s the Beginning, a time-lapse drama.Office before the holiday has been talking about the “beginning” of the plot, the cycles of time is that is new material, for the broad masses of fans, the subject matter itself is very attractive, plus a “bus scene Settings”, and the whole plot loop back, theme is the addition of infinite amplification, no problem to increase the audience appeal.A few days ago, I just finished watching the beginning and was still addicted to the story. I did not expect that spring Airlines’ new graphic and text push also made me find everything new and fresh.Because often buy spring airlines ticket, is going to look at the return, he saw the spring and autumn airlines launched “100 ticket” micro movie, think of shortly before the spring and autumn airlines out a rap, it sounds very with feeling, this movie also pretty novel, one watches the, not only contains the “mystery”, “crossing” elements, also includes one of my favorite “cycle time” elements.Logic is clear, the story is only around a main line, roughly about the career of confused male hero Gao Fan trapped in 20 years ago on the same day, only to complete the task of “get 100 tickets” to change the future, to meet the story of a better life.In the film, I not only saw the persistence of gao Fan, the main actor, but also saw the persistence of entrepreneurs.With limited time, the film expresses the main reason why Spring Airlines can achieve today’s success: persistence.Because of persistence, Spring Airlines has become a well-known domestic airline company.Anyone familiar with Spring and Autumn knows that it started as a travel agency.Looking back on the development history of Spring And Autumn, from a 2-square-meter tin pavilion travel agency in Zhongshan Park in Shanghai to a comprehensive large-scale tourism group integrating aviation, tourism, hotel, exhibition and other businesses, spring and Autumn has made a lot of remarkable achievements in 40 years.Now, Spring Airlines is not only one of the first private airlines in China, but also the largest private airline in China.By the end of October 2021, Spring Airlines had 113 Airbus A320 series aircraft, operating more than 300 routes and flying to more than 100 cities.Spring Airlines, as a group of private enterprises after the reform and opening up, is relying on hard work and perseverance of the spirit and fighting spirit, broke out a piece of their own sky.This micro film also lets us see the persistence spirit of “Spring And Autumn People”. I think this is also the concept that Spring airlines wants to convey to everyone. Persistence may not necessarily lead to success, but every piece of persistence is meaningful.

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