Charm is the immensity of the sea and the breadth of the sky

The blue dream happened in the blue night, under the blue lightning, I galloped in the dream, a jujube horse, dodging the blue light ball, is brave and agile, is faith and intimate, just because of you on the horse, so I use the blue title page, write down this blue attachment.Blue, represent the sea, represents the day, represents the flowers, on behalf of the color, flavor, is the boundless sea, is the broad day, is a flower of innocence, is the color of light, watching, goods, the sea, that day, the flowers, the color, the beauty of still water, such as Yang wen, is still in the wind, light, such as leaves, still wide, such as the sea, and light as a cloud, blue flavor, is the attachment of love.Blue is very pure, usually associated with the sea, sky, water, the universe.Blue expresses beauty, calmness, reason, inner, wisdom, serenity and vastness.Blue still expresses beautiful pure and fresh, halcyon, bright, clean, transparent, open-minded, gentleness, dream exterior design, compared with the same level model on exterior level obviously tower above came a class.On the basis of the “plastic light aesthetic” design, it also incorporates the concept of sporty SUV Coupe. The curved line on the side makes people feel full of driving desire instantly.The exhaust structure under its tail is always sporty and youthful, which is a favorite element for young people.And changan auchan X5 youth version there is another bright spot in appearance, it provides five kinds of clothing optional, these clothes are joined the optional package, called “green car” named respectively explore (black/white), blood (red/grey), struggle, purplish blue fluorspar/light yellow), love (green/pink) and dream (yellow/black).From the point of view of the effect, these car clothes have reached the ceiling of the appearance modification, and they do not need the owner to modify the report, it can be said that it is easy and can enjoy personalized customized service, killing two birds with one stone is really satisfying.Changan Auchan X5 interior design also do not have a world.It slightly asymmetric type of instrument panel design to the driver’s side, is the movement models of the common design concept, the materials and the color is very exquisite, the car interior style of red and black collocation, for the movement of breath build laid a solid foundation, and its application of large area soft package process, also let the car adds a lot of senior feeling and delicate feeling elements.In addition, changan Aushang X5 youth version of the steering wheel also used the flat bottom design of the movement, the front seat is used on the common car similar bucket chair movement style integral seat.The 7-inch LCD instrument panel + 10.25-inch dual-screen design on the center console is also a highlight!It is not only a popular design for young people, but also can display a wealth of useful information to make driving more convenient.Use a word to describe — changan Aushang X5 youth version of the interior is not only enough youth, and still enough dynamic have model.The youth version has not forgotten its original intention — it is a sports family SUV positioned at the level of 100,000 yuan, and also a DIyi SUV for young people.In this context, changan Auchan X5 youth version of the power system should not only take into account the young people’s pursuit of power sense, but also consider the fuel economy and maintainability of the vehicle, and the control of the vehicle cost will be more strict.Therefore, it is equipped with a 1.6L naturally aspirated engine with a maximum power of 94 kW and a peak torque of 161 N · m.It has higher thermal efficiency and lower fuel consumption compared to its peers, and its matching CVT transmission has the advantages of responsive acceleration, excellent NVH performance, high reliability and low fuel consumption. In addition, it is very smooth and silky during acceleration, making it a good partner for family cars.Legend has it that the prototype of the goddess of hope is a blue diamond.So gem like beautiful beautiful faint blue became the pronoun of hope.Psychologically, sapphire blue, like purple, evokes nobility and attracts attention.Blue is one of the most mysterious, almost no one can determine its correct color value, is a kind of fuzzy color, different people will have different interpretations of it, the meaning of the representative is hidden.In the printing world, this color can be very different from the idea.In the realm of the spirit, this color is the unattainable color of the divine realm, is a special color besides gold and silver

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