Chen Xiaojun investigated and guided the construction of media for earthquake protection and disaster reduction

On January 19, Chen Xiaojun, deputy director of the China Earthquake Administration (CEA), visited the development Research Center to investigate the progress of media construction for earthquake preparedness and disaster reduction.Chen Xiaojun visited the media studio of Earthquake Protection and Disaster Reduction and listened to the report on the recent progress of the work. He fully recognized the initiatives of the Development Research Center in promoting the construction of the media.He stressed the need to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of Xi jinping’s important discussions on disaster prevention, mitigation and relief, news and public opinion, and popularization of science, and focus on various key tasks.First, we must strengthen our confidence and determination and accurately grasp the positioning. We must promote the construction of media for earthquake preparedness and disaster reduction with a broad vision, a broad vision and a sense of urgency.Second, close to the society, close to the people, keenly capture the concerns of the public, take the initiative to carry out publicity and guidance, and make better quality, more warm publicity works.Third, we should plan major topics of the year, reserve products, innovate forms and enhance the communication power and influence of financial media products centering on topics such as earthquake events and early warning projects.Fourth, we should further improve the mechanism, improve the incentive mechanism and assessment mechanism as soon as possible, establish the communication mechanism between earthquake preparedness and disaster reduction fusion media and social media, and promote the sense of belonging and identity of fusion media talent team by “introducing training and promoting simultaneously”.Relevant comrades from the Office of China Earthquake Administration and the Department of Public Service (Department of Laws and Regulations) participated in the survey.Members of the leadership team of the development research Center and all staff of the publicity and popular Science office attended the discussion.

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