Germany fei pai shower room, “to the top” large non-standard, interpretation of advanced feeling

About shower room, look be like structure looks be like extremely simple, it is the bathroom that a few glass and push pull track and a few fixed spare parts constitute nevertheless “new species”, actually backside is hiding the craftsmanship that unknown person knows.From the original simple dry and wet separation of the shower room to pay attention to convenient and comfortable shower experience, and then to the function and aesthetics of the extreme home art, there is a century-old brand of originality — Feipai shower room, every design innovation, are constantly adhere to its originality.Because of the use to the space, shower room is more convenient and flexible, got great favour.In the bathroom, the shower room can achieve dry wet separation effect not only, still can let the bathroom look more fully beautiful.To “yan controls” character, the exterior design of shower room, it is very important first impression, it is the key that holds up whole bathroom style temperament.Fei pai shower room, “to the top” large non-standard, visible advanced technology super top sealing design, no fault and hollow out, more beautiful, atmospheric, closely linked with the wall, and the whole toilet is an organic whole, no sense of violation, cater to the visual aesthetic.Be in especially below the set off of big window, the line of sight is more open, anacreontic, let dimensional feeling expand invisibly a few times, bid farewell to the space depressive and restrained feeling, let shower life more comfortable, comfortable.The fully capped design can also prevent water vapor and mist from flying into other Spaces when taking a bath, so that the separation of dry and wet is more thorough;Winter bath insulation performance is better, but also all-round isolation of toilet smell, bath more comfortable.If ventilation is a concern, exhaust fans can be installed to solve the problem.Forward-looking minimalist frame design, slender lines, unique German precision technology, Fei Pai shower room looks like a work of art, simple light luxury, rich texture.Fei Pai shower room, following the German gene, to create a shower maker at the same time both design beauty and practical function, behind every design scale, fei Pai shower room is the ultimate exploration and pursuit, and all this, from its German gene.Germany is a manufacturing power with strong industrial strength and standing firmly at the top of the world with excellent quality. No matter in the field of industrial design, machinery manufacturing or household life, Germany has created a well-known brand recognized by the world.Rigorous, pursuit of extreme details and high standards have long become the classic label of German manufacturing.Feipai is a century-old German brand. As a typical representative of German brands, feipai pays attention to quality in details and has the courage to innovate in design. The consciousness of pursuing perfect quality has long been rooted in the blood of products.With rigorous process design, advanced technology and excellent quality, Feipai has become a leader in the field of shower room ingenuity.High quality sealing system, so that the glass permeability better and effectively prevent the overflow of water;The inner flat inlay technology subverts the development of the industry and brings a new scheme for beauty and cleanliness.The opening and closing “buffer system” puts Philippa at the forefront of innovative technology……For more than 130 years, it has launched numerous innovative works that have revolutionized the industry.Germany Fei pai always adhering to the principle of excellence to pursue the ultimate perfection of products, every product series as a work of art to study, to polish, so that advanced artistic taste in home life at your fingertips, to bring people a comfortable bath environment, to create quality life.

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