How much will Simmons lose in salary by not playing a game for the Sixers?Digital moving

Simmons is a man, and he did it when he said he wouldn’t play for the Sixers.On the contrary, before the season is about to start, I mouth elder brother a fine standing fart to take a shot, but the mouth is still tough, said he is not voluntary.Simmons is a little different than Simmons. He was criticized by the 76ers and Philly fans for his poor performance in last season’s Eastern Conference finals, which led to Simmons’ decision in the offseason to ask the team to trade him, but the 76ers still haven’t done it halfway through the season.As for the Sixers, they can afford to keep dragging because the team can win without Simmons.According to Wojson, the Sixers’ idea for Simmons was that they wouldn’t trade him unless the return would help the team win a championship, and it’s clear that the sixers’ offer for Simmons has increased, rather than decreased, and negotiations have stalled.Interestingly enough, during the 76ers’ home game against the Hornets, simmons’ agent, Rich Paul, was yelled at to get simmons out of The city.The Sixers would be willing to trade Simmons for the right amount of money, though they have explored various options, including packing simmons and Harris and trying to trade the Kings for Fox.A 76 executives, may be this season’s trade deadline, the team won’t do SIMS trading, but also the news that 76 people is to want to take simmons for harden, for beard, and grace than DE cooperation do have very big allure, in short, so far, opinions vary for simmons deal, very chaotic.Honestly, Simmons must be in a panic right now because he’s going to be fined constantly for not playing, and the 76ers aren’t going to trade him, which isn’t good news for Simmons.So how much will the tough-as-steel Simmons lose in salary by not playing a game for the Sixers?In the summer of 2019, the Sixers signed simmons to a five-year, $170 million extension. This season, Simmons will make $31.59 million, which would be an astronomical loss without playing a single game.Simmons will reportedly lose $360,000 for every game he misses, and for all 82 regular-season games, simmons’ total loss will be $29.52 million, which is almost a full salary and no difference from a year without earnings.Actually, simmons and Owen is different, even if OuWenBen not playing a game of the season, that he could get about half salary, because he can play away games, even didn’t play him at the beginning of the season, Mr. Tsai will pay should he can play, but don’t let him play away salaries, simmons is supposed to be the worst player this season.

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