Punish CBA villains severely!Guangzhou center injured 3 people + referees turn a blind eye, or will be banned severely

On March 13, Beijing time, the third phase of the CBA regular season is still in hot progress.Last night’s guangzhou men’s basketball team and Shanghai men’s basketball game, there was an infuriating scene.Xu Zhonghao, center of Guangzhou team, fouls Li Tianrong of Shanghai team, sending the young man of Shanghai team to the hospital.And in the third stage of the race, Huh jong-ho has injured three people in a row, what do you think of this, welcome to the comments section discussion.Guangzhou team won 6 consecutive wins in the third phase of the competition, directly to 28 wins and 6 losses to the top of the league first.During this period beat zhejiang team and Shanghai team and other strong enemies, this year’s Guangzhou team is very hopeful to fight for the championship.But with six straight wins, guangzhou’s center Xu Zhonghao has caused a lot of controversy.The third stage of the game, Huh jong-ho injured three opposing players in a row.Guangzhou team VS North control team in the game, Xu Zhonghao and north Control team Liao Sanning collision, directly resulting in liao Sanning cheekbone two fractures.Guangzhou team VS Zhejiang team in the game, Xu Zhonghao and Zhejiang team Wu qian collision, causing Wu qian knee injury, was directly helped off the court by his teammates.If heo jong-ho hurt people in the first two times, it could be caused by accident.But last night guangzhou team and Shanghai team competition, Xu Zhonghao foul can not wash white.In slow motion, Huh made a tug in the air that caused Lee to land on his head.The subsequent diagnosis revealed that Li tianrong had cervical degenerative disease plus neck injury.One or two missed injuries can be interpreted as an accident, but Heo has injured three people in six games in the third stage.And there are obvious additional actions, which are directed at people.Unfortunately last night, the referee did not give Xu zhonghao any punishment.This caused a lot of controversy, with many media members saying the foul was too dangerous and should have been thrown out rather than ignored.Ding Jianing, a media person, said CBA may impose additional penalties on Xu zhonghao.Shanghai team is also very dissatisfied, hope Shanghai team appeal earlier, looking forward to the league official punish Xu Zhonghao.

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