“Reborn sweet daughter-in-law superior record” past life was cheated with female feelings of the man took innocence, she reborn night break army forced marriage major

Everybody is good, as I push super love net novel, thinking for a long time decided to share to you feel good after reading her novel, hee hee, if feel good, I hope you appearance, handsome and natural and unrestrained, truly the little brother little sister for the article point small make up a praise with a focus on yo, thank you for your support and encouragement!Today to recommend: “rebirth sweet adult upper” past cheated philandering man killed innocent emotions, her rebirth break-in army forced marriage major # # refused to book shortage first: sweet adult upper “rebirth” author: Wu Xin 1008 abstract: yao rebirth of snow still become someone’s blood bank, so, she decided before saying her blood on upper, first to embrace.Legs are not used, good to revenge abuse slag, but do not want to big.Legs too thick, it is better to attack the heart straight up.Some colonel, embrace what thigh, quick come to my bosom!!Into the hole guide: “reborn sweet daughter-in-law on record” past life was cheated with the female feelings of the man take innocence, she reborn night into the army forced marriage major this move, let ward three people are surprised again, their thoughts are hard to avoid surging up.Who also did not think, when hongfei will be no disguise of Yao Ruixue show ‘possessive’.Even Liu Lao this kind of traditional Chinese medicine master, he is not willing to its touch.Even old men?Fu Zhujing’s face flit a touch of jealousy, but quickly cover up the sour eye bottom, help Yao Ruixue carefully start to check.After about ten minutes of examination, Fu Zhujing looked up and said, “There is no injury to bones and muscles, and there is no swelling and redness. There are only three bruises.As before, everything was normal. There was nothing wrong with the head or internal organs.Just unconscious.Maybe, like this noon, I’ll wake up in a day or two.”Fu Zhujing’s words, and three days ago liu Lao the attending doctor, Yao Ruixue this little girl may be stimulated again when the self-protection, is also a kind of dormancy, as now.Listen to this, when hong Fei a pair of good-looking sword eyebrow.Micro can not check the frowning once, it seems not quite satisfied with Fu Zhujing’s speech, but still closed the cold tone: “Well, she is responsible for you full-time, there is any situation the first time to report to me.”When he saw them, Hongfei waved them out.Liu old one out, pondering a few back and forth, then immediately back to the laboratory, some things do not say broken.Fu Zhu Jing did not liu Lao so good mentality, out of the entanglement on Li Rui: “this woman is exactly what origin?To be treated like that by the little Lord?”The jealousy in words could hardly be concealed.From Fu Zhujing in the executive battalion medical school with Ruan Qin, ruan Qin teacher’s mind and hint, she will be ruan Qin teacher’s son, that is, the founding general when the old chief executive of the old son – when hongfei’s wife of one of the candidates.When Fu zhujing got the first hint of this, she was almost beside herself with joy, thinking that both Ruan Qin and the old executive had approved of her, and that with their friendship among the children in the same courtyard, Hongfei, as their favorite son, would surely fall in love with her.However, everything backfired.Shi Hongfei at the age of 14 after the incident, he never let any women near his body, even his relatives.Everyone thought that some more time, when Hong Fei will return to normal, but no one thought, when Hong Fei is really like getting close to women will be allergic to the disease.Although Fu Zhujing tries her best to be admitted to the 414 medical group by her own strength and become the only female doctor in the 414 medical group, she did not get the opportunity to be close to Hongfei.Even so, Fu zhujing did not give up liking him.After all, shi Hongfei was the only boy who made her heart beat faster after she understood the love between men and women.Therefore, even though Shi Hongfei had not been able to talk with him for ten years, there were no women close to him, including Fu Zhujing herself.She is happy, because, so many love when hongfei women, only she can be close to the opportunity to get the first month.It’s her advantage.Fu Zhujing is only possible to succeed in the position of the opportunity, but also in the origin of the unknown unconscious woman, to shattered.The way Shi Hongfei looked at the woman was almost exactly the way she had looked at him the first time she had met him.(Click on the following link to read the novel) The second book: The Resurrection of sweet Daughter-in-law in the 1980s by: Ice Hockey introduction: Dream to become rich.Lin Qing overworked, wake up unexpectedly time retrogression 40 years.Suddenly I became a little girl who didn’t eat, didn’t drink, didn’t hurt, didn’t love.Fortunately, he brought space to check his background and relatives.Into the pit guide: Lin Dafu on the performance of the Lin Qing sense is very satisfied, also let Hu Zhaodi gave her a bowl of porridge to drink, Lin Qing although in the heart of these people are very angry, but there is no prejudice to food, nature is the porridge to drink clean.Her space is estimated to have only enough food to eat for a month, so for long-term sustainability, every grain must not be wasted.And although there is a piece of land in the space, but Lin qing really dare not easily to the kinds of things, of that apple tree in bud before when she was almost a meal to eat meals for a week, it felt like a hollowed-out body, and more to the point if ate so much food, it’s still only a little bit of seedlings,Wait until really can eat the apple knot do not know to what year!But for now, the space thing can be put on hold. The most important thing is that she needs to put the past behind her, but the problem is not that big.Lin’s current plan is to wait until the night of the exam when she runs to Miss Gao’s house in the middle of the night, and then go to the test center in town ahead of time.Because the test start time is 7 PM, the lins people around 6 o ‘clock will find her, even if they catch up with you then test also want to 7 or 8 o ‘clock, when the time comes they dare not break into the examination room pulled her out, and then later after such test where she sneaked to hide a while, until she went to high school, the village chief will surely come out intervention,After all, it was the honor of their village.Moreover, cultural education is advocated by the society. If her grades are good enough to rank among the top ones in the town or the city, the Lin family will not dare to touch her if she is officially registered.With this in mind, Lin Qing sat quietly on the bed waiting for the night to come, and then she could go to the space to study.When the night was already deep, Lin Qing was about to go to the space. Suddenly she heard a slight “thump” sound coming from the window. She was startled and stood on tiptoe to hold the chain to prevent any noise, and then walked slowly towards the window.Out of the window a head is swinging back and forth, Lin Qingqing can not help but think of what there is a ghost out of the window and so on ghost story, think also, she is puzzling to come to such a world, the world to some ghost what is also can believe.However, it is obvious that the man outside the window is not a ghost but a man. Why did Lin Qing find that man is a man? Of course, the man outside the window is an acquaintance.She then weak moonlight or can see the outline of the people out of the window, the people out of the window is Actually Li Xu, is that she helped before the boy, Li Xu also had her a corn wowou before.(Click the following link to read the novel) The third book: “The Rebirth of the Wang Family Sweet daughter-in-law” by: Pot cover Xiao Yu Introduction: Li Xiaoyu reborn back to the difficult 1950s.Vowed to bring back loved ones who starved to death in previous lives.To fill the stomach, do not let the family starve, Li Xiaoyu is taking a space to cultivate pharmaceutical.Space planting grain, four ripe a year, medicine tripod refining medicine, drug efficacy increased ten times.Stockpiling supplies happy like a little hamster.Smooth help relatives, villagers live disaster years.Guide to the pit: after dinner, Li Xiaoyan clean up and wash dishes, Li Ma feed pigs.After cleaning up, the family still sat around the table, studying with a candle and a homemade oil lamp.(Homemade oil lamp, used glass bottle with metal lid, poke a hole in the lid.Roll up an empty tube with toothpaste and put cotton thread into it, it is a free oil lamp.In the hall, Grandpa Li said to Grandma Li, “Old woman, don’t do it any more.We’re all old, and we don’t have a few days left. Why don’t we just eat when we can?It’s not easy for the fourth child to raise four children. Don’t always think about the first.You see, after all these years of separation, who has ever been in charge of us except for Chinese New Year and festivals?Food, clothing, which is not the old four family.Have you been treated well?Be content!”Grandma Li shrieked, “What’s wrong with me? I’m her mother-in-law and she should be nice to me.She had to listen to what I said, and it was unfilial not to.And what does a girl doll read?What does reading so much do?”Grandpa Li angrily tunnel: “yes, you are the mother-in-law, you should cross.But how did the old people treat you?Look at the old four again, is how to you?Besides, what’s wrong with girls reading?Cost you money?You’re not in charge!Your two daughters, not also read a book to just walk out of the countryside, what is wrong with granddaughter reading?Don’t be so fussy!””How can my daughter go to school like my granddaughter?””What’s different, what’s different?Your daughter is a daughter, but your fourth daughter is not a daughter?”Grandpa Li shouted angrily that he really wanted to wake up the old woman. It was getting worse and worse.”You old thing, old, old you yell at me.This is because I am old and useless…””Too lazy to tell you a horizontal woman more, unreasonable three points stir.If you don’t stop thinking about the old one, you can go with the old ones. I’m determined to live with the old four anyway.”Hearing the noise coming from the main room, the four of them looked at Li Fu.Li Fu shook his head and patted Li Ma on her back.”Study hard, have no you what matter!”(Click on the following link to read the novel) Well, these are small make up today with you to understand the content, in see these, you have in the heart of the creation of their favorite works?Well, if you have anything to say, feel free to comment in the comments below.Past wonderful content review: “rebirth space of the most strong rural female” educated young female with space to the countryside, to help the demoted head stage a comeback disease jiao: “brother don’t…”He stared at her micro long abdomen coax “lovely, come to take the medicine” “Seven zero of rebirth when the magic doctor” she was born again return, become the valiant female army doctor in the team!”Back to the 80 sweet Life” she was knocked back to 80, chengjun compound bullied infertility military wife “rebirth space small pretty woman” dressed as a beautiful military wife, she was born with magic + own space, a viviparous three

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