Shui Qingxia: The Korean team is very good, but we have the confidence to win!Even winning is nothing to brag about

Beijing time on February 6, the Women’s Football Asia Cup final, China will face the South Korean women’s football.At the press conference before the match, Shui Qingxia, head coach of The Chinese women’s football team, said that even if beating South Korea to win the title, it is not a great record for the Chinese women’s football team, but this match, the Chinese women’s football team still need to show confidence in winning.China, which has won the Asian Cup eight times before, beat South Korea in the Asian zone play-off stage of the qualifying round in early 2021 to book the last Asian berth in the Olympics.Given the glorious history of The Chinese women’s football team, Shui Qingxia said at the press conference before the Final of the Asian Cup that even if we win the championship, it will not be a great achievement.We are preparing normally and we are focusing on winning games for themselves.”They are also a very good team. It will be a great challenge to play against them in the final. They also have good players,” She said.As for the final, Shui qingxia said that the Chinese women’s soccer team is ready. “We are ready for this final, both physically and mentally, we are going all out, we have to believe in ourselves and believe that we can win the match.”Captain vian follow ShuiQingXia attended the conference, vian, said although and Japan’s semi-final, the Chinese team performed well, but that was the past, “tomorrow’s game is more important, I believe both teams will be great interest in the offensive and defensive aspects, we need to defend South Korea core pool laugh, as captain, I have to shoulder the burden of team forward,I have to lead by example.”

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