Social security in Fuzhou remained stable during the Spring Festival

Fujian Rule of Law News — Straits Rule of Law Online February 11, 2022 During the Spring Festival, The Public Security Bureau of Fuzhou city, with the “E-body +” intelligent enabling system as the traction, scientific deployment of police, highlighting the explicit use of police, has sent 45,000 police officers, effectively strengthen security work, to ensure social order to maintain a stable.It is reported that the city’s public security organs in the fight against illegal crimes and purify the social security environment is not relaxed at the same time, constantly strengthen the armed patrol joint attendance, strictly implement the armed duty in key parts, public security patrol special police preparation, crowded places patrol joint attendance mechanism, etc.Armed patrols should be strengthened on urban main roads, busy streets, transportation hubs, scenic and non-scenic spots and other crowded places, further improving the rate of police detection, detection control and crackdown.Among them, traffic police departments strengthen the patrol and control of key sections and key periods, and effectively strengthen the traffic guidance of the entrances and exits of expressways with concentrated traffic flow and passenger flow, national and provincial roads and tourist routes, to ensure road traffic safety during the Spring Festival travel rush.According to statistics, during the Spring Festival, the city’s 110 alarm service stations received 23,000 alarm calls and dealt with 12,000 effective police cases, including 815 cases of illegal crime, down 66.1 percent year-on-year.In the city’s public security organs, the police auxiliary joint efforts, the city’s social security overall stability.(Reporter Lin Shan)

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