Why do men cheat on their marriages?Is not love?You’ll find out when you listen to a man

I met xiaoyuan, an emotional creator who loves writing and reading, I hope to bring you warmth, and welcome you to tell me your story!Readers who missed the previous article and can click on the blue headline “low self-esteem” are more likely to continue reading successfully.Extramarital affairs, for many, are the result of unhappy marriages.It is a common phenomenon, even if it is not recognized by others.Nowadays, with the increase of people’s emotional needs, but social activities are gradually diminishing, many men and women in marriage, always choose to use an extreme way to escape marriage.Gu Cheng said: “You in my side or in the sky, think of the corner of the world with you, feel the whole world has become gentle and stable.”Deep thought, this is a beautiful description of love, as long as the person in love in their side, the world will become more gentle.Mr. Chen, 45, is a construction engineer.He made a lot of money because he caught up with the construction industry in his early years.At that time, his wife accompanied him through the most difficult times.So, when he was able to provide a better life for his family, he chose to make his wife a stay-at-home wife, which was also a kind of protection for her.In the eyes of outsiders, Mr. Chen has a virtuous wife, and a successful career, is the envy of the model couple.Such happiness, it seems that Mr. Chen’s wife also feel satisfied, to each other is very trust.Until later, Mr. Chen was sent to work in other places, the two separated places, the frequency of meeting gradually decreased.Out of the trust of her husband, the wife has always believed in Mr. Chen’s busyness, and has been working hard to manage their own family.But is it really worth it?The reality is very cruel, the news of her husband’s infidelity, or she learned from her friends.The fact of betraying his family was exposed and Mr. Chen did not deny it.Instead, he tells his wife that he is tired of being passionless and not getting the emotional needs he wants.Every time I slept with my wife, they didn’t talk to each other as if they were strangers.As a man, with a certain ability, naturally want to be recognized and encouraged by his lover.Therefore, when Facing the temptation of the outside world, Mr. Chen broke his bottom line and chose to cover up his desire to be unfaithful with his emotions outside marriage.Someone said: “the so-called happiness, is the desire to be satisfied.”The same is true of marriage, of course.Happiness is satisfying our psychological and emotional needs.Mr Chen’s example is widespread.We tend to overestimate the duration of our marriage and forget the influence of objective factors on it. Things that we can’t anticipate will happen unexpectedly.2, marriage lost warmth, husband and wife can only become strangers there is a word said: “care about a person’s cost is too high, shoulder enthusiasm, shoulder disappointment, waste time and spirit, is a steady loss.”True, fall in love with a person, if pay too much, and regardless of the consequences, so, in the end we can only be black and blue.There is an idiom called “treat each other with respect.”It’s about couples meeting and treating each other like friends.This is originally a commendatory term, but, in marriage, such behavior, it is the performance of indifferent feelings of husband and wife.Netizen Xiao Li shared the story of her marriage.He met his wife on a blind date and had a son who had graduated and started working.In the eyes of the outside world, the two rarely argue and rarely blush.However, only their own know: this marriage has long been in name only, behind the marriage calm, is to sit up and take notice of the two tired of boredom.His wife is a stay-at-home wife, handling the housework, but Xiao Li from the same starting point with his wife height, gradually jumped out of his original circle, become more and more excellent.The gap between the two gradually widened and became the source of nothing to say.Therefore, marriage can break up without a third party, as long as you gradually lose the desire to share with each other, which is the sign of the end of marriage.As human beings, we all have seven emotions and six desires, marriage and desire, sometimes can not be satisfied at the same time.Therefore, do not overestimate your own abilities, and do not underestimate human nature.A good marriage is always the result of hard work.The feelings outside marriage, destined to just take their needs, always ignore their own, and to pursue does not belong to their own.The same is true of feelings outside marriage.I wrote a lot about extramarital affairs, and I got a lot of ideas from different comments from readers.One of the most impressive ideas is that men and women who have affairs, believing they are finding true love, cheat on their wives while still staying in touch.How ridiculous is that?I think, like a farmer waiting for another rabbit, the chances of finding true love outside of marriage are almost zero.Haruki Murakami once said, “Once people get used to the fact that they always have what they want, over time, they become confused about what they really want.”Deep thought that, the feelings of this matter is the same.We want more love for ourselves, even if it goes against our principles.However, it is the most accessible place of human nature.When marriage is no longer about “love and water”, love between men and women is more like an act.So when married couples say they’ve met “true love” again, it’s easy to tell: one wants money, and the other wants to satisfy his own desires.That’s the reality.Therefore, the emotion outside marriage, mostly is each take what he needs, hope you and I can refuse temptation, stick to their own happiness.Small yuan’s message: the reason why a man will betray marriage, sometimes, maybe not love his wife, maybe just in the marriage have no sense of existence, or have nothing to say with each other.A good marriage never depends on a set pattern.In the big world, everything is changing, let alone abstract feelings?If you can, I hope that people who love in their hearts can keep their original intentions.Happiness, also for the two-way love forever vitality.’!Topic: Why do you think men cheat on their marriage?Let us know in the comments section below.If you like this post, be sure to like it and retweet it.Pay attention to me, bring you different wonderful content every day!Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to meet xiao Yuan.Pictures from the network, please contact the copyright infringement.

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