“From Beijing to New York in one hour!”

Article | old driver horse general way this article reprinted from surging news belongs to the public, the privy council “10” (ID: gh_1b4ac88265a8), the original starting on February 6, 2022, the original title for the “1 hour, from Beijing to New York!” “, does not represent the view of outlook Think Tank.A promotional video for suborbital travel released by a Chinese commercial space company has once again aroused strange associations in some foreign media.”Top speed of 7000 miles” “Fly from Beijing to New York in 1 hour”…The performance metrics of the space craft in the promotional video are impressive, but it’s “routine” when you put it in the category of suborbiters with maximum speeds of Mach 5-15 that the space nations are developing.What are you thinking when you have to associate it with the “Chinese military threat”?A Chinese commercial space company has unveiled plans for a 7,000-mile-per-hour “winged rocket” type hypersonic aircraft “capable of flying from Beijing, China, to New York, the United States, in one hour,” IANS news agency said Thursday.The U.S. website Space has more details.The Chinese commercial space company, Beijing Linkong Skyline Technology Co., released a promotional video recently claiming it is developing a “winged rocket” for space tourism and point-to-point high-speed travel, the report said.”We are developing a winged rocket for high-speed, point-to-point transportation that costs less than rockets carrying satellites and is faster than conventional aircraft,” the company said.According to the report, the company is actually developing a space plane that can be transported quickly between any two points on earth via suborbital flights and can be completely reused.According to a promotional video released by the company, the plane takes off vertically using a special booster rocket. After reaching a predetermined altitude, the plane disengages and continues its suborbital flight to Dubai in the Middle East, before landing vertically on three support legs that extend from the tail.When the booster rocket completes its mission, it returns to its intended landing site.The plane is scheduled to conduct ground tests in 2023, make its first flight in 2024 and carry out manned flights in 2025, it said.If the above content is normal, then the style of foreign media coverage began to “unsurprisingly” deviated…The company has been testing the Tianghang 1 and Tianghang 2 retrievable spacecraft, and according to public reports, they can take off vertically, land horizontally, and have recycling and partial reuse capabilities, space’s website said.”The 10th flight test was conducted on January 23, followed by another test conducted by the company in cooperation with Tsinghua University.”The report goes out of its way to note that “details of these test flights are limited, possibly due to the sensitivity of hypersonic related technologies.”The New York Post went further, saying, “Hypersonic aircraft is a major part of China’s high-tech program, and China continues to pour money and resources into the field.””China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, for example, conducted highly secretive suborbital and orbiter launch tests in 2020 and 2021.At the end of last year, China also unveiled plans for an aircraft that can transport ten people anywhere on Earth in an hour.”The report then went on to talk about China’s launch last year of a hypersonic vehicle capable of orbiting the Earth with a nuclear warhead, which had already been denied by Chinese officials, claiming that China’s advances in hypersonic aircraft had “shocked U.S. intelligence and military officials.”The Eurasian Times of India claimed on April 4 that “The rocket-propelled hypersonic aircraft announced by China can break all records”, and linked it with the so-called “China tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic glide vehicle last year”.It also lists a series of achievements China has made in recent years in hypersonic aircraft, which means nothing more than that “the announced space aircraft also has military applications”.As for the paranoid reports of some foreign media?As we all know, suborbital vehicle is regarded as the next hot spot in the space industry, and have invested heavily in order to make a breakthrough.Space.com also acknowledges that there is a global push to develop the space plane program, “most notably virgin Galactic’s full suborbital flight last July;Radian Aerospace, a company based near Seattle, announced plans for a single-stage orbital reusable launch vehicle after closing a $27.5 million funding round.”It must be acknowledged that the United States takes the lead in suborbital flight with its rich technological accumulation in the space field. A number of American commercial space companies have launched their own space aircraft projects and even started preliminary tests.As for the use of suborbital vehicles for military purposes, the United States also pioneered the idea.The Pentagon last year put out an open bid for rockets or spacecraft that could deliver supplies quickly to war zones in a peer-to-peer manner, and commercial space companies such as Blue Origin and SpaceX were widely expected to take part.So the foreign media keeps the advanced technology, the United States and has a clear military application prospect of hypersonic projects don’t chase, but staring at the China in the field of any change, even a Chinese commercial aerospace enterprise obvious for the high-end commercial transport business space plane, also tried to render it possible military potential, this is a what state of mind?Or should I say, how little faith they have in America’s ability to compete in hypersonic technology?Coot welfare Coot’s book giveaway is always here!Get books for Ku Shu to provide 15 copies of “variables: The Movement of a Great Power” to avid readers.Record the changes in China for 30 years and look for small trends in slow variables.He Fan, a renowned economist, measured 9.6 million square kilometers of China’s land with his feet and offered unexpected new solutions to issues such as individual choice, rural revitalization, enterprise reform and population aging.Please leave your comments below, and the top 3 likes (more than 50) will get free books.

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