Light rain falling flowers, Iraqis independent

Back home, catch up with the rainy day, sitting at home have nothing to do, one umbrella, walk by the river.Wearing an niang to give the big cotton padded jacket big cotton pants, wearing a hat mask, with a sexual pace, while walking to see fallen petals colorful, although it is freezing, do not feel how cold.The Yangtze River is always like that, slow flowing, the boat is also slowly, the bank willow branches drooping, small waves patting the beach, the vast path of smoke and water, this cold micro rainy day after snow, everything is so quiet, like a scroll hanging thousands of years old.Drizzle flying all over the sky, even with an umbrella, can not stop it wet my eyes, moist red flowers green leaves.From time to time, there are ferries across the river, cars filed in, groups of people crossing the river, the empty dock added some popularity.The snow did not melt, remnants of snow reflected in the canoe, the river is more a bit cold, there is a desolate blues.Dusk was approaching and the road was half way.Four weeks quiet only hear their slightly asthma, childhood play river, when the river wind, trance my mind, everything like back to the past….Floating what like, heaven and earth a sand sculpture [don’t see].

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