The world’s top 10 countries in heavy industry have been unveiled. The US is on the list, but Is China not

Recently, the list of the world’s top ten countries with heavy industry released by foreign media has been released. The United States, South Korea, Sweden, Italy, Russia, Japan, Germany, The United Kingdom and France are among them. Is It true that China has not been included in the latest list of Western countries?Will China, an industrial superpower, really fall off the list?That’s unlikely, isn’t it?Industrialization is usually defined as a process in which the output value of the industrial or secondary industry accounts for a rising share of the GROSS national product and the number of industrial workers accounts for a rising share of the total number of employed people.The picture shows China’s auto production line, in fact, no matter how to say, China will not be fallen off in western countries in this list list, even if people in the west for some reason, do not know how much China’s industrial strength strong, but with China’s current “world factory” this name, and inevitably, in a wide variety of goods,Even heavy industry equipment can see the “Made in China” label, so they can know what made in China means to the whole world.The graph is tesla super factory even if such as the United States, and other western countries would have to admit, if with steel and non-ferrous metal production and processing capacity, China now is necessarily industry ranked first in the country, even if China now due to the industrial transformation, lead to the production capacity of steel fell,But China’s steel production start from crude steel transformation to the direction of the alloy steel, special steel, and promote the automobile, shipbuilding and other related industries get promoted, and even now China has overtaken Japan, South Korea, the world’s largest producer of civil large vessels, even if western countries don’t want to, they must also keep respect for China’s heavy industry system.While admiring the development of China’s heavy industry, western countries also spent a lot of time studying how China’s heavy industry rose. According to their survey, there are actually two reasons why China’s heavy industry can achieve such great achievements:First of all, China has a very large population, which means that Compared with other countries, China has a higher possibility of economic development and development prospects. Even though the country is also affected by the epidemic and other factors, China’s market still ranks first in the world.As the market is big enough, the heavy equipment manufacturing and heavy industry and technology of China obtained the sufficient development space, giving them a chance, also has the ability to invest a lot of resources, study all kinds of high and new technology, and the technology commercialization and get feedback, this is China’s heavy industry development speed can transcend the western one of the main reasons.Secondly, China not only has a large population, but also has a large number of high-quality people, which can meet the demand for talents for industrial development.As India also has a population of 1.3 billion countries, because of the lack of ability of high-quality personnel training, as China leads to India with the premise that as China’s demographic dividend, but not like China, its economic system in the direction of the high technology manufacturing industry fast development, even if Mr Modi has “made in India” as the main state policy of Indian development today,However, the overall shortage of high-quality industrial talents makes It impossible for India to support the development of heavy industry like China, let alone build various r&d institutions for light and heavy industries like China, develop its own industrial chain system, and finally feed itself to form a real industrial country.So, this is the China can be can be comparable to those of the western industrial countries, India did not possible reasons, the development of heavy industry, the demand for talented person and the consumer market is very high, also only like China has a huge demand of the market economy, and provide adequate personnel for heavy industry,Can really provide all the necessary conditions for the development of heavy industry.

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