Tianjin has strengthened the inspection of “one card, one code and one card” for those returning to Tianjin!

On April 5, 2022, at the 182nd press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control in Tianjin, Liu Daogang, deputy Director and spokesperson of Tianjin Transport Committee, introduced that the transport system has strictly implemented the requirements of the municipal government on COVID-19 prevention and control, acted quickly, focused on the key points, and consolidated responsibilities since this round of epidemic.While ensuring public transportation, we will strictly implement all control measures, do our best to ensure quarantine, transport and supplies, strengthen the inspection of people returning to Tianjin with “one card, one code and one card”, strictly control the risk of imported cases, and build a strong epidemic prevention and control network.Highway bayonets are strictly inspected.In accordance with the unified city refers to the prevention work deployment, on February 13, zhuhai launched road in tianjin channel epidemic prevention and control work, the city’s 132 highway toll station into the main shrine, 30 ordinary province provincial boundary into the top of the key areas to return to tianjin vehicles and the car personnel to carry out the 48 hours nucleic acid detection of negative proof, healthy green yard inspection system and communication data travel card.On this basis, all district prevention and control offices carried out epidemic prevention and control work at the provincial boundaries of rural roads entering and returning to Tianjin at the same time in accordance with the prevention and control requirements.At the same time, The city has set up epidemic prevention and control inspection points on six ordinary highways in Wuqing district and Jizhou District, and carried out prevention and control inspection on all vehicles and people entering Beijing to strengthen the Moat of Beijing.From February 13 to April 4, a total of 388,000 vehicles and 479,000 people were checked at checkpoints on highways entering Tianjin.Among them, 678 cases of people with abnormal health codes were dealt with, 190,000 cases of people with big data travel cards were investigated and sentenced, and 90,000 cases of people who failed to provide nucleic acid within 48 hours were examined.Stations and airports are guarded.In accordance with the requirements of the Municipal Defense Headquarters, we have carried out the inspection of “one card, one code and one card” at all railway stations in Tianjin and Tianjin Binhai International Airport for inbound and outbound passengers.The passengers without negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours shall be sampled locally, and the detailed registration information of the passengers with abnormal health code or epidemic prevention travel card shall be notified to the destination headquarters to pick them up for control, and those without clear destination shall be controlled by the headquarters under the jurisdiction.Since February 16, a total of 19,97364 people from railway stations and airports to Tianjin.For passengers without negative nucleic acid certificates within 48 hours, 219,071 passengers have been collected at railway stations and airports since February 16.Since February 16, there have been 3,642 abnormal person-times with one card and one yard, all of which have been controlled by the destination or local headquarters.Closed loop disposal of inbound flights.The airport prevention and control team continues to strengthen the prevention of foreign imports and the prevention of people, objects and the environment, and to strengthen the protection and closed-loop management of high-risk personnel, control of entry cargo and environmental disinfection, and frequency of nucleic acid testing of key personnel.We will implement management by region and at different levels, strengthen the control of personnel in high-risk posts, do a good job in the inspection and disinfection of imported high-risk goods, and strictly implement all control measures.Up to now, a total of 643 international flights have been guaranteed and 137,614 passengers have been transferred.Since January 1, 2022, a total of 27 international flights have been guaranteed, with 5,326 transshipment passengers.Scientific control of key groups.We formulated and issued the Notice on Strengthening management of Key Personnel, which specifies seven categories of key personnel in the industry to be strengthened management. First, personnel supporting inbound flights at airports and ships at seaports and related personnel;Second, front-line service personnel and drivers in public transportation places such as buses and subways;Third, drivers of large trucks, long-distance passenger vehicles, cruise taxis, online ride-hailing vehicles and drivers of transport and isolation tasks;Four is the highway channel and railway, airport station bayonet inspection staff and law enforcement personnel;Fifth, construction and maintenance personnel of transportation infrastructure under centralized residential management;Sixth, the staff of the examination and approval consulting service hall and the staff of all units and organs;Seventh, the core staff of the municipal airport and Port prevention and control group, the Municipal Access control Group, the Municipal Transport and Isolation special working group and the epidemic prevention and control leading group of each unit.Key groups are urged to strictly implement epidemic prevention and control measures and strengthen personal protection.In key places, temperature measurement, health code inspection, disinfection, ventilation, setting up 1 meter line and other prevention and control measures shall be strictly implemented.Staff are required to take strict personal protection measures, including wearing masks, timely cleaning and disinfection, washing hands frequently, and avoiding gatherings. Self-health monitoring should be carried out, nucleic acid tests should be conducted regularly, and patients with fever, cough, cold and other symptoms should see a doctor immediately.At the same time, strictly control the movement of people out of the country, strengthen internal control, to avoid cross-infection caused by the movement of people to the greatest extent.Coordinated efforts to assist Shanghai.In response to the outbreak in Shanghai, we actively coordinated with China National Railway Group and opened two special trains to transport 1,510 medical workers to Shanghai in just six hours.At the same time, we coordinated with logistics companies overnight and set up a transport fleet in just a few hours. Twelve experienced drivers were selected and six large container transport vehicles were dispatched to help Shanghai with emergency and epidemic prevention supplies.Normal urban traffic prevention and control.In the railway sector, the organization and arrangements for driving will be made, the “seven 100%” epidemic prevention and control measures will be strictly implemented, in particular, the irregular wearing of masks and health monitoring of employees will be strengthened, and daily elimination work will be carried out.In the field of public transportation, nucleic acid test screening should be strengthened for employees (before the community clearance, industry employees should take nucleic acid test once a week, and front-line employees should hold negative nucleic acid test certificate within 7 days before they can work). Ventilation and disinfection of vehicles and stations should be strictly enforced, temperature measurement and code checking should be strictly enforced, and supervision and inspection should be strengthened.In the field of taxi, drivers check their body temperature before getting on the bus every day, ventilate and disinfect their vehicles regularly, and wear masks in the whole process of operation. They remind and guide passengers to show their “health code” and scan their “location code” to remind them to wear masks.In the field of road passenger and cargo transport, the government urged the strengthening of disinfection and ventilation in key places such as road passenger and cargo terminals and transport vehicles, and implemented epidemic prevention measures such as temperature measurement, health code inspection and wearing of masks.Focus on imported cold chain transportation and “two passengers and one danger” field.We will continue to strictly implement the suspension of the city’s inter-provincial passenger transport lines and chartered bus services to medium-high risk areas and Beijing.Going forward, we will closely follow the evolving situation of the epidemic, further refine and improve measures, and take targeted measures to prevent and control the epidemic and ensure access to public transportation, so as to effectively block the spread of the epidemic in transport routes.At the press conference, a journalist asked: “What measures have been taken to ensure the passage of vehicles carrying key epidemic prevention and control materials in Zhuhai?”Liu Daogang replied: In order to effectively ensure the transport of key supplies to and from the epidems-related areas, Tianjin has established a vehicle permit system for transport of key supplies. Vehicles that meet the requirements for transport of key supplies will be issued a Vehicle Permit for Transport of Key Supplies for Epidemic Prevention and Control in Tianjin, valid until June 30, 2022.The original vehicle Permit for Transport of emergency Supplies for Epidemic Prevention and control in And out of Tianjin shall be abolished.Transportation of key goods includes key agricultural products, key daily necessities, key epidemic prevention and production materials and other key production and daily necessities.The “Pass” is jointly produced and issued by the Municipal Transport Committee and the Municipal Public Security Bureau. Enterprises listed in the positive list of the municipal competent departments of relevant industries and meeting the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control guidelines of relevant industries are allowed to apply for the “Pass”.During the outbreak of zhuhai’s key material transportation vehicles, check your site roads around the epidemic prevention and control body temperature in the passenger workers tested negatie 48 hours is normal, hold the nucleic acid testing proved that normal data travel card, health code and the telecommunications (including travel card no. *), holding the key material transportation vehicles pass in zhuhai, and sign individual epidemic prevention and control on the basis of a form,Ensure smooth passage.Pass processing procedure is divided into three steps :(1) enterprise application.Enterprises included in the positive list shall apply for “Pass” to municipal Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee, Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and other competent industry departments.(2) Review and report.The municipal Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee, Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and other competent industry departments shall organize and review the epidemic prevention and control, packaging and elimination of vehicles and articles of the applying enterprises, and report to the Municipal Transport Committee and municipal Public Security Bureau after passing the examination.(3) Issuing certificates and issuing certificates.The Municipal Transport Committee and the Municipal Public Security Bureau jointly issued the “Pass” to the Municipal Agriculture and Rural Committee, municipal Bureau of Commerce, Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and other competent industry departments.The municipal competent department of industry shall certify the application enterprise.The relevant units at the same time announced the key materials transport guarantee 24 hours on duty duty phone: City Transport Commission: 022-24539362;Municipal Public Security Bureau: 022-58860008;Municipal Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee: 022-88290606;Municipal Bureau of Commerce: 022-58665888;Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology: 022-83606509, 022-83605768.The public may call the above telephone number for consultation.Source: Jinyun

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