Watch lion dance, guess lantern riddles, dumplings……Residents celebrate yuanxiao together

On February 15, the long corridor of Yan Tang Street was very lively. Nearby residents got together to make dumplings, dumplings, watch lion dance and guess lantern riddles…The Lantern Festival.This is by the Wenchangge street Rich water community party branch hand in hand district non-public party branch, Wenchangge street Rich water community of the new era wenming practice station in yan Tang Street corridor to carry out “our festival • Lantern Festival – thriving New Year lion dance jubilant Yuanxiao” as the theme of the Lantern Festival activities.Early in the morning, yan Tang Street long corridor on gongs and drums roaring, vivid lion dance team along the provincial capital North Street, Yuantong Street, fu Shui North Road and other lines into the residential building courtyard to perform, two lions in the flash turn move room with a lifetime of unique work, attracted the residents burst out jubilant cheers.”Let us feel the lion dance in spring, climbing green festival and lively.”A resident watching the lion dance said that this is the way of the fushui community with the lion dance performance to the residents of the district to present a thick New Year’s blessing.In YanTang on one side of the street corridor, rich water community party branch invites area with non-public party members, and all the residents and volunteers package dumplings, all rolled up his sleeves knead dough, put stuffing, rub tangyuan, package and chat about the Lantern Festival custom, communication during the Spring Festival of fun, the scene atmosphere, laughter.Party members, volunteers packed dumplings, cooked and distributed to the residents of the scene, thick fireworks gas, full of aroma will instantly pull full atmosphere.Later, the party members will cook the “love” dumplings, sent to the district of solitary old people and empty nesters home, with sincere feelings to warm the hearts of the old people.In the corridor, hung 50 riddles for everyone to solve, there are word puzzles, idioms, winter Olympics knowledge, Party history education, clean government five categories, many party members and residents around a variety of riddles, lively discussion of the answer: “What is the mascot of the Beijing Winter Olympics?”Some stare at the puzzle to concentrate on thinking, some look for “Baidu” for advice, and some call to find “high person” for guidance, the residents who solve the riddle joyfully go to the prize place to receive the prize, the scene is permeated with joy, harmony, festive atmosphere.On the same day, the neighborhood committee in guishan community also carried out community “Joyfully make Yuanxiao” theme activities.District residents gather together to guess riddles, dumplings.On the scene of dumpling making activity, everyone, young and old, comes together. Both dexterous hands are the main force of dumpling making. Kneading the dough and kneading the stuffing is a lively scene.With our joint efforts, the white dumplings gradually took shape.We chatted about the experience of making tangyuan, a short homely.The staff of the neighborhood committee boiled the dumplings and served them to the old people so that they could taste the fruits of their labor.The old people had a noisy Lantern Festival while eating tangyuan and chatting with each other.”Eating tangyuan in the community with everyone is to smell better!”Live in minsheng Road 10 retired old party member LAN aunt said.The venue is steaming hot, full of warmth;Outside the venue, people were crowded with lights and decorations.Colorful puzzle strips are hung high, attracting residents to show off their skills.Guizhou Daily Sky eye news reporter Meng Jianfei editor Yu Fuwen editor Liu Dan Liao Bo

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