Jin Dong’s crew was found to be in arrears of wages, and hundreds of group performances have not been settled?Company shareholder Jin Dong responded

Recently, a netizen suddenly broke the news that jin Dong’s production team owed 100 people their salaries.This whistleblower is also eager to ask for the salaries of hundreds of actors through the Internet, which has attracted the attention of many netizens after it was issued.In order to prevent netizens from being unconvinced, the whistleblower also posted related photos, including videos of the leading actors’ lives. The netizen further said in the subsequent news, “I have contacted the cast leaders for many times, but have no way to ask for salary, so I can only attract Jin Dong’s attention in this way.”In the face of the continuous fermentation of the incident, some curious netizens found out through deep digging that Jin Dong is not only the leading actor in the drama, but also the shareholder of one of the production companies of the drama.In the face of this netizen’s online demand for salary, Jin Dong was also pushed to the forefront. As a public figure, did he only enjoy his own interests without caring about the lives of his fellow members?It also made him a source of infamy.In the face of the external comments and criticism, Jin Dong, as the party concerned, finally couldn’t sit still, so jin Dong posted a response to the incident on the Internet that night.From the other party’s post, we can sense that he is puzzled by the mysterious private message received, and the post implies that the netizen is greedy.”This is their twisted mentality,” Jin said in another post shortly after the news was posted.It can be seen that, in the face of the net friend’s Revelations, the party does not admit, and even ridicule the net friend is groundless rumor behavior.In the face of the continuous ferment of the incident, more and more netizens gathered to watch it. At this time, a little sister, who appeared as a group performer in the drama, also posted on the Internet to clarify Jin Dong and support jin Dong’s behavior through words.Facing the voice of the group performance, jin Dong proved it best. Not long after, the whistleblower also posted again that the salary settlement was completed, and then cancelled her account, which was a complete reversal of the matter.Speaking of Jin Dong, as a middle-aged artist, he has made great efforts along the way, and his positive and energetic attitude has won him the support of many audiences.At present, through his efforts, he has also brought us a lot of excellent works. In addition to the smooth development of his career, his love life is quite happy, and he has been rated as “model husband” by many netizens.In fact, in the entertainment industry, love, love his wife spoil his wife there are still a lot of male stars, such as Tse, at present, in addition to his emotional attention, at the moment he has become more ambitious in his career, even if the age is not small, but still struggling with the cause.At this time of tse some time ago also hand in hand with the “confused boy brothers help”, together with the endorsement of “blood together”, this male god changed the image of the past, wearing a handsome armor, holding the tomahawk is not too eye, I believe that no one thought, male god will appear in this image?Through Jin Dong’s refuting of rumors this time, we can also feel that the Internet is indeed a big environment, and people should have the ability to distinguish right from wrong while making their voices heard. After all, the Internet is not a place outside the law, and everyone should be responsible for their words and deeds. What do you think?

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