The ancestor said, “There are three elephants in the home, and the God of wealth jumps on the kang.”What are the three phenomena?

In the long course of history, our ancestors accumulated many experiences in life and had good expectations for the prosperity of the family.In order to live a better life, many idioms were created, which are still handed down today.With the development of the present era, the progress of science and technology.Some of them are still useful to us today, but some of them have lost their relevance.There is a folk saying that “there are three elephants in a home, and the god of wealth jumps on the kang.”Many of you have heard this before.In fact, the meaning of this sentence is very simple, that is, when we have three phenomena in the home, the god of wealth will come to the home, so that the bonanza.So which three phenomena do these “three images” refer to?First of all, the first is to say that the living environment should be sunny.Only after the sun, can all things grow.The room daylighting that we often say is to be close friends actually, the comfort that can promote the life greatly inside such room.When choosing building position, the ancients are generally preferred to sit in the north and face south, because the illumination time is longer in the room facing such, it can achieve the effect of warm winter and cool summer.If the room is backlit, then we live in dark and damp room for a long time, people’s mood will become depressed, affect the career development.Food stored at home is also prone to mold and bacteria.If there is no sunshine for a long time, the body will also become worse, especially the elderly and children with poor physical quality themselves, which will affect their health.You can’t put too many fish tanks in your home.In ancient people’s eyes, water represented wealth, so many people would choose to put fish tanks in their homes.And water is the source of life, fish farming can not only bring ornamental value, water and fish symbiosis can increase vitality and wealth, add new fun for our life.In addition to fish farming, hanging landscape paintings also have a similar role.Continuous mountains and rivers, vast sea of clouds, clear water, on behalf of the continuous prosperity, prosperity.Feng Shui also said that “mountain tube people, water wealth.”Of course, there are a lot of attention to the placement of fish tanks and landscape paintings, after all, too full is full, too much is not good.And the fish is not casually can raise good, fish is also a knowledge, there are a lot of attention.Not only to keep the water clean, not lazy, to ensure adequate food.The last image is about having something to rely on.We often say that the mountain feeds and the water feeds.In ancient times, the ancients attached great importance to mountains and often climbed mountains to offer sacrifices.In order to safety, in the construction of the house will generally choose to build a backer.It can not only shelter from the wind and rain against natural disasters, but also rely on the topography of the mountain and the water to make life more convenient.The modern world is full of concrete and steel. You can’t build on a hill, so we use something else instead.Common is landscape painting, in the sitting room, bedroom, and study to hang up landscape painting, like a backer.Second is to place rockery in the home, appears calm atmosphere.And the furniture in the home, electric appliance is put by the wall mostly, already stable have depend again.The above is the ancients said “three images”, we think that the family after these three phenomena can obtain wealth?Although it is said that “there are three elephants in the home, and the god of wealth jumps on the kang”, this is just some ideas of ancient people to change their fate.If you want to gain wealth, you should not only change the surrounding environment, but also strive to improve yourself. Only with sweat and wisdom can you create a better life.However, folk sayings can always be handed down to today, after thousands of years of history of precipitation, is naturally the reason for its existence.Some sayings are not only concise and comprehensive and easy to understand, which contains the wisdom of the ancients, can let us master the common sense of life, it is worth us to take its essence, to its dregs, carefully to figure out.

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