Warriors beat Lakers to hold 3rd place!The Poole record finally broke Thompson’s warming streak of 30+

Hello, I’m 183 masked man.The Warriors beat the Lakers at home today in a western Conference matchup.Send you five sentences about the game.1.The game was meaningless for the Lakers, who were out early and had to play their last three games to go fishing.Interestingly enough, without the big three, the Lakers played a beautiful game, literally, showing offensive fluency and defensive focus that has rarely been seen this season, but it was too late.2.The game was meaningless for the Lakers, but it was important for the Warriors.The Mavericks are closing in from behind, and the Warriors will have to compete if they don’t want to fall to the fourth seed in the Western Conference.Because if they tie, they’ll be bumped into fourth place by the Mavericks.In fact, in the first round, the difference between no. 3 and no. 4 is not much, it’s just a matter of playing Utah or Denver.But if you fall to no. 4, you’ll be playing phoenix in the semifinals, so you can hide and hide in the WESTERN Conference finals.3.Thompson has really warmed up recently and had another 30+ game today.One thing you can see from today’s game is that although Thompson said he was confident earlier in the interview, what’s the truth?It is impossible not to be shaken within.But today was different. You could see that Thompson really had confidence, especially after getting blocked in the second quarter and hitting again, it was really decisive and determined.For the Warriors, Thompson’s recovery is a huge piece of good news.4.To pour cold water on the Warriors, Thompson’s recovery is good news.The problem was, Curry wasn’t there during that time.We don’t doubt Curry’s ability, or Thompson’s or Poole’s, but how those three play out in the playoffs will be the wild card for the Warriors, and it could be a wild card for the warriors in the first round.5.Poole only scored 19 points, and his 20-point streak was finally snapped.Honestly, I feel lucky in my heart, if you carry a kind of pressure before every game, you will inevitably be afraid to play on the court.And we’ve all seen what Poole can do, as he scored fewer points but had a career-high 11 assists.So, with that burden off his back, Poole can travel light in the playoffs.

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