Bridal chamber take hand don’t try to be brave, 30 years old master share home outfit list, big guys all praise

A lot of decoration is white, the house took the hand do not know how to decorate, do not know how to start.If you plan to pack or clear the bag, then be sure to understand the decoration list first, to facilitate their purchase of materials, today to share the home decoration list, not yet decorated, hurry to see oh!List of self-purchased main materials for hard installation part 2. List of self-purchased furniture part (some can be increased or decreased according to family needs) 3. List of self-purchased home appliances part (some can be increased or decreased according to their own needs) 4.6, the bedroom bedroom is not a bed, cabinet and bedside cabinet, and so on, the distance between this is generally placed how much is appropriate, the specific details are as follows: 7, toilet toilet washing platform and sanitary ware, shower shower installation, distance and installation of the best height is as follows:8, the living room sofa choice is not to say that you like what to choose what, must choose the sofa according to the size of the space, or put up very incongruous.Above is the strongest home outfit list that 30 years old master shares to everybody, must understand thoroughly first before decorating, those who avoid in the home decorate delay.Disclaimer: Graphic and text from the network, please contact to delete infringement!If you have any requirements, click the blue link below to enter the understanding, free to receive the scheme, free quotation!↓↓↓↓↓ decoration design quotation – Free door-to-door quantity

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