China Classification Society issued the world’s first plan B low-speed engine air pollution prevention certificate

Recently, the Shanghai Branch of China Classification Society (CCS) coordinated epidemic prevention and control and product inspection to overcome the adverse impact of the epidemic.The world’s first Tier III EIAPP International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate for a low speed two-stroke engine (WinGD 6RT-Flex 58T-E) tested in Scheme B mode was successfully awarded to China Shipbuilding Power Corporation.On March 31, the 1868TEU container ship xinmingzhou 106, which was built and installed by Yangfan Group Co., Ltd. and equipped with THE LOW-pressure selective Catalytic Reduction Denitration 2.0 system (LP-SCR 2.0) of China Shipbuilding Power Group, successfully completed all on-board verification tests in Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province.On 1 April, the ship made a triumphant return.Scheme B mode adopts modeling calculation as the leading way to verify engine emissions.However, as the main power of the ship, the low-speed two-stroke engine has a large output power and is deeply affected by sea conditions, propellers and other factors, which brings great technical difficulty to test the accuracy of the modeling calculation of emissions.During the implementation of the project, Shanghai Branch maintained close communication with the environmental protection business team of China Shipbuilding Power Group, strictly compared with conventions, specifications and guidelines, carefully reviewed the modeling tool specifications, modeling calculation reports, technical files and other technical materials, and with the strong support of CCS headquarters,Actively coordinated the Qingdao branch, Zhejiang Branch, Zhenjiang Office and other units to participate in and witness a number of tests, including model test, modeling tool scale rationality verification test, on-board confirmation test, etc., to fully ensure the accuracy of modeling calculation and the quality of product inspection and certification.The recent outbreak of COVID-19 in Shanghai has brought great difficulties to the inspection and certification work.Shanghai Branch adopts the “five No” working method of “no drop off at home and office, no stop on offline duty, no decrease in inspection quality, no delay in drawing examination and issuing, and no interruption in customer contact”, adopts online real-time communication and network test data synchronization inspection measures.The success ensured that the project completed the issuance of SCR product Type Approval certificate, SCR product certificate and engine EIAPP certificate before the trial run.CCS always adheres to the service tenet of “safety, environmental protection, creating value for customers and society”. In the field of ship environmental protection, CCS closely follows the development trend of international and domestic ship emission reduction policies, actively plays the leading role of energy-saving and environmental protection technology in the ship industry, and continuously contributes to the green transformation and development of the shipping industry.

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