Make suicide, with 7 men ambiguous, married second rich, an Yixuan crazy you can’t think of

If, you test zero, dare to go home?Most people will shiver and choose to go home, a small number of people will not be afraid to take the paper home.And entertainment “gangster daughter” An Yixuan, because of the exam took 0 points, afraid of her took a knife into the toilet to commit suicide.An’s father was known as the devil’s father.Growing up in this environment, An Yixuan has lived a life of fear since childhood.She didn’t have a carefree childhood. She learned to hide her emotions at an early age and was extremely insecure.All of which laid the foundation for her future relationships.Mingming was born into a wealthy family, to have capital capital, to have beauty, to have connections.Unluckily, the feeling is not smooth, along the way, the man that likes is robbed by her brazenly.Macau police said on January 29 that Chen Ronglian, the wife of An Yixuan and chairman of the de Jin group, was arrested after she married her second super-rich husband.Once crazy and arrogant An Yixuan, rich husband after the fall, where should she go?What crazy thing would she do?An Yixuan was born in 1980 in Taipei, Taiwan Province, China. His original name was Wu Meijing.She grew up in a wealthy family and her parents divorced when she was very young.She follows her father, who runs an insurance company.His father was busy with work and did not have time to pick up Ahn, so he arranged several security guards to escort his daughter to and from school.The force of the array, stunning.Over time, An Yixuan was known as the “gangster daughter”.The high quality material life made her a “princess” in reality, and she was taken care of since childhood.An yixuan’s grandmother is a great figure who owns a lot of real estate and is known as the “big landlord” in the area.While enjoying the fun of money, while bearing his father’s harsh education.You live in a castle, you have a big TV set, but you don’t let anyone watch it.There’s a fun place, but it doesn’t belong to her.Back home can only make up for reading, even “fairy tales” have been replaced by “Idiom dictionary”.The exam is not ideal, will accept the father’s “judgment”, from the mind to the body.An Yixuan all the time want to break away from this “hell” like life, enjoy the same life as ordinary girls.But this step, apparently more difficult than the day, her father will cultivate her into a “true daughter.”To live up to the “rich family daughter” four words.From an early age, she was trained to act and speak according to the standards of a socialite.A variety of remedial classes, one does not drop.Living in a divorced family, An could hardly get a mother’s love.In the face of his father’s “werewolf” education.Slowly, An yixuan more and more rebellious, grades also plummeted.The more I rebel, the more I want to be free.Two, rebellious girl in order to freedom, accidentally into the entertainment industry after graduation from high school an Yixuan, get the admission notice of technical school.Rebellious, she just wanted to get away.Not wanting to go back and inherit billions of dollars, she went behind her parents’ back and signed up for the job of flight attendant.Eventually, she stood out and was accepted.The news that “the princess went to serve tea and pour water” reached the father’s ears immediately became hot.Father gave a dead order not to go out.An yixuan’s dream of freedom, just at the beginning, was killed in the cradle.One day in 2000, an Yixuan, who had been waiting for many years, finally got his chance.Nothing idle An Yixuan pull bestie street.An Yixuan, 20, young and beautiful, walking on the street is a beautiful scenery line, walking was discovered by the star scout.Asked her to be a star, the rebellious Mr. An quickly agreed.Her father listened to her acting, anger, with the last experience of an Yixuan to compromise his father with hunger strike.His first step into the entertainment industry was to change his name from Oh Mi-jeong to Ahn Il-heon.Soon, the TV drama “Spicy Fresh Chef” cast An Yixuan.So stepped into the entertainment industry.In 2004, An starred in the youth idol drama Betta Fish.She plays Pei Yuyan, a strict teacher at an all-girls school whose life is almost planned.This is somewhat similar to Mr. An’s real-life experience.After the play aired, the ratings exploded.Overnight, An yixuan went from a small figure in the entertainment industry to the new “idol drama heroine” after Hsu S.She went on to star in Chinese Kung Fu Girls and Betta Fish II.During the filming of Betta Fish, An had an affair with leading actor Guo Pinchao.The two went in and out together, ate together and became close friends who talked about everything.The gossip of An Yixuan and Guo Pinchao is getting more and more real.Father after that, to the reporter is an evil criticism and propaganda circle of male artists, do not miss her daughter, otherwise the consequences is the result of three legs.And that was it.An realized her father was more capable than she could have imagined.Unwilling, she decided to leave her father’s control and turned her eyes to the mainland.In 2005, hu Ge, Liu Yifei starred in the “Chinese Paladin legend” costume TV series, an Yixuan played the female number two “Lin Yueru” fame.With the play, An yixuan chatted up the speedboat Huayi Brothers.At a press conference, Huang Xiaoming, who stars in King of The Rings 3 with An Yixuan, gave an an expensive necklace.And personally help her to put on, at that time, Yang Ying saw her heart blocked up.The gossip between the two came out in this way.Mr Huang’s move angered Wang Zhonglei, chairman of Huayi Group.He has been very optimistic about An Yixuan, want to train her personally.Can get Wang Zhonglei this big guy appreciate, an Yixuan’s star bright way is just around the corner.They have been spotted hanging out together and have a very close relationship.According to media reports, Mr. Wang often flew to Taiwan to find Mr. An.Gossip followed.Presumably, Wang Zhonglei certainly did not take little care of An Yixuan.In 2008, the gossip object of an Yixuan changed to Feng Shaofeng.An Yixuan and Feng Shaofeng cooperated twice, respectively, “Yun Niang” and “Lock Clear Autumn”.The pair often played roughhouse on set and had dinner parties in private.At that time, Feng shaofeng was just a small invisible person in the entertainment industry, while An Yixuan was more famous than him.It is said that Feng shaofeng admires An very much and often plays up to her, but An is not impressed.The 2009 version of “Lean on The Sky and Slay the Dragon” began shooting, director Zhang Jizhong invited An Yixuan to play “Zhao Min”.Deng Chao as “Zhang Wuji”, is the ugliest version of the “Zhang Wuji brother”.Play no fire, an Yixuan also failed to rely on the play.Instead, they fell in love because of the play.At that time, Deng Chao and Sun Li fell in love, after filming “Lean on Heaven and Slay the Dragon”.It is rumored that An yixuan and Deng Chao during the filming of the dark love affair.Even their secret date was caught by the “lady”.Both of them later denied the incident and clarified that it was all a rumor.Since then, the two have had little contact.And the scandal disappeared.Ahn, who has become the “queen of idol dramas”, and Hsu have become best friends.As a single woman, an Yixuan’s birthday party was full of members of the opposite sex.In 2010, An held her 30th birthday party, to which she invited many of her best friends.Among them is Wang Xiaofei, whom An yixuan and Wang have known for years.In the past, There will be wang Xiaofei’s presence in huayi Artists’ gatherings.Anecdotal, an Yixuan secretly love Wang Xiaofei for many years, has been ambiguous, did not express.To an Yixuan unexpectedly, a birthday party, his favorite man was big S beat him to the punch.Somehow become a matchmaker.Wang xiaofei married Hsu just 50 days after they met.Seeing the people like to marry her, an Yixuan sad night to buy drunk, holding Wang Xiaofei crying.The heart has unwilling An Yixuan, simply do not admit their love for Wang Xiaofei.Directly in the press conference angry against big S what she did, questioned big S in the dark consumption of her, excited tears will fall out.Guo Pinchao, Huang Xiaoming, Wang Zhonglei, Deng Chao, Wang Xiaofei and Feng Shaofeng, the six rumored boyfriends, an Yixuan has not personally admitted.In the seventh place, Ahn’s boyfriend, Qi Wei’s husband lee Seung-hyun, was revealed.In 2012, Ahn and Lee seung-hyun met each other while filming “Rhapsody of Marriage.”At that time, An Yixuan was one of the female actresses in Huayi Group, and her popularity was obvious to all.Lee Seung-hyun, on the other hand, has just come to China. He has no popularity, no resources and only a face.An Yixuan really loved Lee Cheng-hyun, attend the event an Yixuan will take him to brush a familiar face.In the two years of love, her request for acting is to bring her boyfriend Lee Seung-hyun.Ahn introduced lee to many resources and helped him a lot in his career.In order to get her boyfriend to play number two, she cut her salary in exchange.Unfortunately, all her work went to the dog.Dating her while wearing the same style as Qi Wei.Lee Seung-hyun questioned the voice then intensified, but he had to take the initiative to admit and an Yixuan broke up for a long time, even blame an Yixuan between words.Instead of accusing “men who cheat and play with women’s feelings”, Ahn wrote calmly: “I woke up and couldn’t go back to yesterday.Once paid, no regrets now, grateful pain let me grow.Road or to go forward, calm, indifferent.Your future does not have me, but I wish you happiness.Love, the heart will hurt, will be uncomfortable.This time the failure of love, a person once suddenly thin to 43 kilograms.In 2014, Chen Ronglian, a wealthy businessman from Macao, entered the world of An Yixuan.Chen ronglian is not a Macao native, but a native of Jinjiang yonghe in Fujian province.After graduating from primary school, he went to his uncle in Macao. After graduating from middle school, he entered D field to work.Just meet “stack code son” rise in Macao, nimble mind he seize the opportunity.First engaged in gambling, then to real estate, catering and other industries.Business is booming, Chen Ronglian has become a “ten billion billionaires.”Before marrying An, Chen ronglian had a wife who was an outsider.Chen Ronglian fell in love with An Yixuan at first sight and fell in love with her at the first meeting.Then the pursuit began in earnest.Wherever An yixuan went, he followed him, from home to abroad, from the mainland to Taiwan.Finally, An was moved by his sincerity.In Chen Ronglian, An Yixuan felt more missing love.Dating for three years, she got married in 2017.They paid for the guests to fly to Hawaii, where the wedding took place.The 10.57-carat diamond ring means “my perfect wife”.The scale of the wedding, the number of participants, half of the entertainment industry was invited, the style of gorgeous, compared to Huang Xiaoming Yang Ying wedding of the century, this is more expensive.After marriage, An Yixuan do a full-time rich and powerful family, has given birth to a son and a daughter for Chen Ronglian.After marriage, An yixuan is very keen on showing off his wealth, which is always mansion, jewelry, luxurious birthday parties, extravagant parties and so on.A full day party can cost millions.Some people say that this is, this is an Yixuan at hSU “I win”.Now, after the arrest of his husband, the marriage between An yixuan and Hsu has been talked about again.Big S robbed good bestie an Yixuan’s lover Wang Xiaofei, big S won, the result of 2021 divorce.After divorce big S with baby shout tired, thought an Yixuan won, often bask in happiness flaunting wealth to stimulate big S.He was arrested the day before New Year’s.And in this event, will An Yixuan be implicated?When it comes to marriage, no one really wins.Crazy first half of the life of An Yixuan, what will be the next crazy move?Will you divorce or return to acting?Modern marriage, a chicken hair much, marry the marriage of love, lose all over the body.Marry the person you love feelings are exhausted, marry the person who love you lose patience.Some people use marriage as a springboard to achieve something with the help of their partner.Different views on marriage, naturally there will be different changes.

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