The first in China!The digital Mountain and Sea Wonderland opened in October in Han

Changjiang Daily news (reporter Wang Juan correspondent Wen Xing) in the central China Digital Publishing Base (Zhigu cultural Industrial Park) investment signing conference held on March 29, the project of “digital mountain and Sea Wonderland” attracted the attention of the audience as soon as it appeared.The project is jointly invested by Wuhan Cultural Investment Group and famous head enterprise Shanshui Shengdian Company with 150 million yuan. It is the first immersive digital performance IP with the theme of “Chinese myth system” in China, and it is scheduled to open in October this year in Han.Renderings of “Digital Mountain and Sea Classics Fantasy Paradise” project.Landscape festival provided by the company and grand MeiShuai yuan is China’s landscape subject-live performance by the head of the company founder, director and producer, has planning, production of “impression · sanjie liu”, “shaolin zen music, printed” tianmen, fox spirit new bangs cut firewood, “and so on more than 30 large subject-live performance, project accumulated more than tens of millions of audience.MeiShuai yuan, “digital seas fantasy paradise” first overall planning area of 5600 square meters, the fantasy Disneyland theme and theatre at the two big functions of space, the high-tech digital technology, through the combination of indoor space and block theatre, the realization of immersive experience effect, make the Chinese excellent traditional culture alive.Project a selected “Mountain and Sea” in nuwa, not zhou Mountain, wood and other Chinese civilization legend elements, the construction of a new Nuwa refined stone fill the day of the story, later will also present “Kuafu chase unremitting footsteps” “Jingwei fill the sea tireless figure” “Hou Yi shot the immortal vision of the sun” and other themes.A mythical beast from The Book of Mountains and Seas cruises around the block (rendering).Changjiang Daily reporter learned that “Digital Mountain and Sea Wonderland” is the first work of Mountain and Sea Wonderland company from live performance to digital entertainment project. The reason why mei Shuaiyuan chose the Traditional Chinese “Mountain and Sea Classic” as the theme is derived from his long regret.”Today, many teenagers get to know The IP of Chinese culture through western cultural products, such as Mulan and panda.”Mei Shuaiyuan believes that if we look upstream to the long river of Chinese civilization, we will find that all the memories and origins of this nation flow from mythology.”Globalization does not mean self-abnegation, and the wisdom and power of the nation embodied in Chinese mythology should be rediscovered in contemporary times.Based on this thinking, we chose The Book of Mountains and Seas and developed it systematically.Through this work, I hope to cross the river of time and bring the most sincere, magnificent and beautiful ‘seeds’ in ancient mythology to the modern age and plant them in everyone’s heart.”Mei Shuaiyuan believes that the project of “Digital Mountain and Sea Wonderland” starts from the source of Chinese culture and integrates the most advanced digital technology, which fits the theme of “Wisdom Valley” very well in Wuhan.He said that at present, Zhigu Cultural Industrial Park is mainly focused on business and office gathering, and the entry of “digital Mountain and Sea Classics Fantasy Park” will make the park become a gathering area of culture, entertainment and family projects, and change the temperament of the park.”Especially at night, the park will be colorful, and many supernatural animals will parade around the block, turning the park into a ‘parallel time and space’ of a modern city.”It is reported that after the completion and operation of the “digital Mountain and Sea Wonderland”, the annual passenger flow is expected to reach 350,000, and it is expected to become a new urban cultural tourism landmark in Wuhan.Mei Shuaiyuan is very optimistic about the prospect of the project, “Wuhan has the ‘8+1’ urban circle, with enough people, and Chu culture is characterized by magic and fantasy, which are the materials needed by the cultural and tourism industry.At the same time, Wuhan is located in the core of Central China, there are millions of college students, cultural genes are strong enough, so we are very optimistic about the market in Wuhan, the future will introduce nine Songs and other projects.”Disclaimer: The copyright of this article is reserved by Changjiang Daily Production and publishing Center.Contact for authorization at

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