Ha Jiu Doctor heavy packing!Do you still not know the big event plan of the whole year in 2022

The Spring Festival holiday is over and the sixth grade is already halfway through. The pressure of graduation season is always greater for children, and primary school students are no exception.For the parents of primary school in 2022, their children’s learning plan for the second half of the year will also be put on the agenda!Do not know the sixth grade next semester from which a few aspects to begin to review?Not sure what’s going to happen next semester in the sixth grade?The doctor has already sorted it out for you. Parents of the class of 2022, click and bookmark it. What to do in February?For the graduating class of children, the holiday is a good opportunity for the corners of overtaking, the students can have plenty time to concentrate on their own are not familiar with knowledge, also can adjust themselves to take a good rest, relieve the exhaustion of a semester, at the same time, also prepare the golden age of the knowledge points, next semester student of spare capacity can also in holiday appropriate preparation, cohesion important knowledge.What to do in March?Schools usually announce their April reexamination announcements in March, but this year parents need to take extra care!Because this year’s “double reduction” policy landing, so the regional test as usual, there will be restrictions, some provinces or cities will not necessarily carry out April test, parents need to pay timely attention to their children in the region of the test notice, scientific examination, active examination.What to do in April?In previous years in April held unified examination, some areas will carry out unified examination, adjustment, from the difficulty of the question, test norms, psychological quality and other aspects, give children a certain reference value, this is also a point that parents need to pay attention to.At the same time, some high quality public schools will also offer olive branches to primary school students in the corresponding areas. In the background of comprehensive lottery in the early Republic of China, students who are good at matching themselves will also consider more public schools. At this time, parents have many opportunities and possibilities for students to choose schools, and parents need to seize them.What to do in May?Graduates parents should focus on the education policy in the region, especially need to interregional turn one’s status as a student, want to enter the public participation in the early years, need to be dealt with according to the process to apply for inter-district transfer formalities of one’s status as a student, but parents attention, formalities of time is limited, parents need to keep the high attention, to avoid lets the child not to the ideal school.What to do in June?In June, my primary school career finally came to a successful end.Usually, the primary school graduation examination will be held in June, in addition, in June each junior high school enrollment brochure continues to be released, interested parents must always pay attention to the official information of the intended school.At the same time, private junior high schools will also release enrollment brochures in June, parents can observe the school plan enrollment number according to the data of previous years, refer to whether there will be changes, comprehensive selection of a school to participate in the lottery.The doctor’s share is here, the treasure father treasure mother hurriedly collect, the child studies hard, we do parents also want to do a good helper for the child.

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