Henan woman is dissatisfied with the upstairs noise, but was accused by the man should not break into his home, leading to a hot discussion online

Recently, a video of a woman complaining about the noise upstairs in Zhengzhou, Henan province, who was accused by a man of breaking into his home has gone viral on the Internet, attracting the attention and hot discussion of netizens.A woman complained that her child kept making noise upstairs. As time went by, she couldn’t stand it anymore. So she went to the parents upstairs and asked the neighbors to be more understanding and let the child make less noise.However, when the woman went to talk to her upstairs neighbour, an argument broke out.The man rebuked the woman for slamming the door and in turn rebuked her for breaking into their house.While the woman pointed out that the boy always jumped around the house without shoes, the man replied, “It’s their freedom to wear shoes or not.”The man said: “You slammed the door. What excuse did you have for slamming the door?If you slam my door like that again, I’ll call the police!”The woman then said: “You call the police, I will call the police!”The man then said: “How can you blame someone for breaking into their home?”The woman said, “You make a noise, why can’t I?You don’t even look at the time!”The man said: “Now what time, I didn’t disturb you on the line!”The woman also said, “Why does your child always jump around the house without shoes?””This is my house. It’s normal for them not to wear shoes. It’s their freedom.”Netizens see this behind the scenes, have said their own views.’If you are not forced to, who will go to the neighbor theory?’ said one user.The child is lively and active can be understood, but should be wrong to others first, clearly know the child is lively and active, should discipline a little, or spread sound insulation mat.Another netizen said: “This should also be based on the time, if in the rest time, the parents of children upstairs must pay attention to not affect the downstairs residents, downstairs neighbors should remind appropriately.Some netizens believe that only if both parties have a good attitude and one party is self-righteous, the result will be a quarrel.As the saying goes, “a close neighbor is better than a distant relative”. Living in a community, it is better to meet a good neighbor. When there is a dispute, both sides should communicate calmly and solve the problem with the best tone.If you just stand on your own point of view, the problem will not be solved, but will only get worse.What do you think about that?

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