I want you to hear the warmth of snowflakes

Source: xinhua’s original title: I want you to “listen” to the “snow” (topic) – warm winter paralympic games closing ceremony of the visually impaired fiddlers Ma Yifei story (subtitle) yinchuan March 13 (xinhua), the official Xinhua News Agency reporter li-juan ma with “snow” rendition melodious violin, winter paralympic flame extinguished gradually.The Beijing Paralympic Winter Games came to an end On Wednesday night, but the warmth continues to pass.The violinist in the pink dress standing in the middle of the record is Ma Yifei, a visually impaired 16-year-old from Ningxia.When she played the melody, she thought of the disabled athletes who have been training hard and overcome difficulties. “I am also a disabled person, and I want to do something trivial for them with music.”Ma Yifei became blind at the age of two due to an eye disease. She learned to play the piano at the age of five and the violin at the age of nine.She can’t see it, but she can feel the “color” of music from the sound, temperature and atmosphere.When playing Snowflake, “I think of winter, but feel warmth, hope and light.”Four days before the closing ceremony of the Paralympic Winter Games in Beijing, she received a call to perform.”We were not sure at that time, just said there was a chance, even so we were surprised and bought tickets to Beijing on the same day.””Her mother ha Chunyan said.Stage short more than a minute, but behind the cohesion of a visually impaired girl more than ten years as a day to pursue the hard pay.Slowly grow up sensible, Ma Yifei from other children’s comments, aware of their own than others almost what.Her parents told her the story of Helen Keller, “When god closes a door for you, he also opens another window.”It gave her a belief: “If others can do it, so can I.”Ha Chunyan was a primary school music teacher with a piano at home, and Ma Yifei became interested in music at an early age.She could not see the score, So Ha Chunyan told her to listen, and she memorized the score and played it again.She couldn’t see the keys. She was always wrong. She had to play a song thousands of times to get it right.Violin is harder to learn.The bow could not be pulled straight, so Ma Yifei felt the teacher’s hands, arms and back to remember the movements.After three years of learning, the strings are still “squeaking”.”I was devastated to be honest.”Ha Chunyan advised her to give up, but she said, “I’m not reconciled. It will be better if I stick to it.”In 2018, Ma Yifei had the honor to learn music from teachers at the Central Conservatory of Music, starting her journey from Yinchuan to Beijing.Every weekend, her parents took turns to accompany her to take the train to Beijing for classes. She could not get a hard-sleeper ticket and sat all night. She would eat instant noodles if she could not catch the train for dinner.In the eyes of his parents, Ma Yifei is very self-disciplined, even a bit like an “ascetic monk”.In order to participate in the general college entrance examination, she stayed up until 12 o ‘clock at night to finish the academic homework, braille typing speed is slow, the hand holding the pen has been suffering from calluses.”We love dearly, but can not say, only encourage and supervise.”Father Ma Guolong said.Learning music is not cheap for this ordinary working class family, with the annual round-trip train ticket to Beijing costing more than 30,000 yuan.To accommodate their daughter’s more professional practice, the parents borrowed 150,000 yuan from relatives to buy a second-hand grand piano and replace the family’s old upright.”We want to give our children as much of a chance as possible to achieve their dreams.”Ma guolong said that he had learned to read and type music for his daughter, even though he knew nothing about music.Despite the darkness, warmth is never absent.In the process of growing up, Ma Yifei received love and care from all walks of life. She received donations such as braille paper, reading machine and voice watch. The school and the local Disabled Persons’ Federation also provided her with many opportunities to show her talents.Last year, she won the second prize in the 10th National Disabled Art Performance (Western Region) competition.Because of her hard work, she also won a national scholarship.”The sunshine, confidence and enterprising spirit of young visually impaired girls like Ma Yifei is a vivid portrayal of our country’s progress and vitality.”Dang Xiaohong, director of the Propaganda and cultural work Department of ningxia Disabled Persons’ Federation, said that, like every disabled athlete in the Winter Paralympics, every wonderful moment of overcoming difficulties and surpassing themselves deserves applause.Participating in the closing ceremony, Ma Yifei was very excited: “Without the previous insistence, today can not stand on the stage.I want to use music to spread warmth to more people in the future.”Editor in charge: Liu Yingjie

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