Is it right to beat your heart or beat your heart

Heartache is right, because the heart is a kind of inner emotions and withdrawal of the event, should with “Peng” rather than near the vertical heart stone beside the word “bam, heartache, it means that the heart beat beating, suggests that the inner emotions and represent the feelings of people in certain circumstances, and bang however move the word does not exist at all.It is natural for the two idioms to be easily confused, because in the extensive and profound Chinese culture, there are many easily confused idioms.Often this kind of easy to be confused by the public idiom will be used to set a question, the test is everyone’s common sense.In a sense, this requires us to have a wide range of knowledge, which can not be separated from the usual accumulation, short steps without thousands of miles, if you want to become a knowledge reserve little master, we must start from the accumulation of every day.Accumulating knowledge requires constant exploration and humility, rather than settling for what’s familiar.In addition, we need to master a set of good learning methods, and develop a good learning attitude, coupled with perseverance, I believe you will be happy in the ocean of knowledge, knowledge reserve is also a kind of ability.

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