World heritage meets intangible heritage!Jinjiang magnetic stove kiln site immersion “fu” cultural experience

Fuzhou, February 13 — 100 hui Xin Rong spring color, “world heritage creation blessing” pottery.On February 13th, by jinjiang municipal party committee propaganda department, jinjiang travel bureau, jinjiang federation held joint CiZao town, jinjiang media center “explore the secret CiZao site Search for “world heritage civilization” fu “cultural activities on the theme of jinjiang and” world heritage “fu” global linkage in quanzhou jinjiang breakout activity world heritage point CiZao site (gold top hill site).With the theme of “Blessing” culture and “Quanzhou of world heritage”, the activity is open to the public to register and participate in the form of parent-child research camp. A series of intangible heritage cultural experience projects are set up to provide the public with a perfect combination of cultural feast of world heritage and intangible heritage on the eve of the Lantern Festival.At the scene of the activity, the sound of Southern Sound was displayed, showing the strong flavor of Southern Fujian. The participating families visited the “Magnetic oven Kiln:Song and yuan quanzhou export ceramics production base “theme exhibition, listening to the jinjiang jin-peng wu, director of the center for the protection of cultural relics of the theme of” world heritage quanzhou “, jin-peng wu will CiZao kiln, director of the development course of more than 1500 years, drawing with a Hester love carefully analyze the steps of the ancient pottery making and technique of cultural relics protection throughout history and reality,The participants all said that the “world Heritage class” was very meaningful.The national intangible Cultural Heritage puppet show “Tiger Fun”, brought by jinjiang Zhangzhong Puppet Art Protection and Inheritance Center, was warmly welcomed by all the friends, and the interesting interaction between inheritors and children won cheers.The event culminated in the performance of the song “Blessed Wall, Blessed Land, Blessed Jinjiang River” by the Jinjiang Musicians Association.To better spread of world heritage of culture, show the national intangible cultural charm, enhance cultural self-confidence, create a happy and peaceful holiday atmosphere, emphasis introduce fujian provincial intangible CiZao ceramic kiln firing techniques on behalf of the process of pottery and porcelain clay sculpture, pottery and porcelain painting experience, more see, “fu CiZao kiln” yuanxiao lantern DIY, paper-cut, lantern riddle exhibition guess such classic intangible items,Under the guidance of the inheritor, the families in each group concentrated on moulding, meditated on composition, discussed with each other, or competed for questions…Ceramic firing technology of magnetic oven kiln has a long history and rich connotation.Traditional products include household utensils, furnishings and building materials.The decorative techniques and patterns are complex and colorful.The shape and style show different characteristics in each historical stage.The ceramic experience has been favored by many citizens. Wu Xiaoqing, fujian ceramic master and inheritor of magnetic kiln ceramic sculpture, was invited to explain and guide the gargoyle clay sculpture, kneading, shaping, pressing, scraping, patting, pushing, carving and brushing…The technique of flowing water, only a dripping auspicious beast was born in hand.On the scene of ceramic painting, a series of paintings of quanzhou heritage sites are presented on the porcelain plate. Wu Kang, fujian ceramic master and inheritor of magnetic kiln ceramic painting, brought his most popular series of paintings of “World heritage sites in Quanzhou” of 22 heritage sites. One stroke and one painting show the bright culture of Quanzhou city of light incisively and vividly, which is amazing.More this year’s Beijing Winter Olympics mascot “Bing Dwen Dwen” attracted children to watch.Yuanxiao approaches, “see, CiZao kiln” yuanxiao lantern DIY is very popular, children DIY assembly, collage, YiZhanZhan stereo modelling lanterns count “spring” word, “song and yuan China Hester quanzhou” character “fu” and hand in photograph reflect CiZao kiln gargoyles image jump, painted a Spring Festival beautiful picture scroll, the significance of yearning for happiness life.From the jinjiang city paper-cut association teacher miao cut flowers, a variety of forms of the word “fu”, paper-cuts and tiger image leap on the paper, many citizens experience the scene, will be true feelings and blessings concentrated in paper-cuts, placed the New Year wishes and expectations for the future.In the corner of the lobby, by the first magnetic stove folk lantern riddle Wu Chaoyang original “tiger” “fu” lantern riddle attracted many citizens to guess, especially “Jinjiang experience magnetic stove practice” theme original lantern riddle is to let the masses applauded.Guessing characters, epidemic prevention and control language, movie titles, place names and so on, the riddles are scientific and popular, difficult and easy to combine, vivid and interesting, people stop to watch, or bowed their heads to think, or discussed with each other, very lively.

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