Zhuanghe city four measures to win the safety of production special rectification three years of action to end the war

This year is our city production safety special rectification three years of action “consolidation and promotion year” year, is the year of the national “two sessions” and the party’s twenty congress, the city emergency management bureau to step stone to leave a mark grasp iron mark work effectiveness to ensure safety production work to upgrade.Remove hidden dangers “look back” and do subtraction on hidden dangers.Combined with the preliminary work, the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau conducted a comprehensive and meticulous investigation of potential safety risks, scientifically assessed and effectively controlled safety risks;Establish and improve the hidden trouble investigation and management system, find problems and hidden trouble rectification immediately, do the required action is not out of shape, the full coverage of key industries, all-round, full dimension to carry out “look back”, eliminate problems repeatedly, hidden trouble “back tide”.Catch rectification into closed loop, do addition on responsibility implementation.Establish problem list, responsibility list, rectification ledger, timely follow-up supervision;In accordance with the principle of “three management and three needs”, the regulatory responsibility of functional departments and the responsibility of enterprises should be consolidated continuously.To build a “closed-loop” responsibility chain for rectification, make deep, detailed and solid work links, ensure that the base number is clear, the situation is clear, the data is accurate, focus on key areas, take multiple measures at the same time, and actively implement effective rectification measures to achieve closed-loop management of production safety accident prevention.Build mechanism to set benchmark, see true chapter on system construction.We will adhere to the principle of “putting people and life first”, firmly establish the concept of safe development, effectively raise the awareness of safety prevention, and always tighten the string of production safety.Through the implementation of the “four mechanisms” of production safety, the implementation of the “all staff safety production responsibility system” and “safety risk classification control and hidden trouble investigation and management of the dual prevention mechanism”.Set up a number of benchmarking, through the cultivation of typical tree, point with line, with line with surface, so that enterprises learn to have an example, do a yardstick, do direction, through learning from good experience and practice, constantly expand work vision and thinking, effectively improve the level of enterprise safety production management.Strong supervision protects safety, see actual effect on working results.In order to maintain the tenacity of qingshan, adhere to the special class unchanged, many personnel, strength is not reduced, with the momentum of a thunderbolt continue to do a good three years of special rectification action.The municipal Security commission Office and the leading departments of special projects strengthened the supervision, inspection, inspection and assessment of three-year action projects of relevant departments, regularly scheduled the completion of key work, randomly checked outstanding problems and the rectification and implementation of major hidden dangers in the way of “four not two straight”, and promoted the high-quality completion of key work tasks.The city’s emergency management bureau continues to maintain a high spirit of struggle, sprint, adhere to the hidden dangers in addition to look back, catch rectification into a closed loop, establish a mechanism to set up a benchmark, strong supervision and safety as the key policy, four measures simultaneously, joint efforts to ensure that the three-year operation of special rectification of safety production successfully concluded.

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