How about tongzhou Cemetery?Are cemeteries expensive

The cemetery in Tongzhou District, located in the east of Beijing, has a relatively superior geographical position, which has attracted a lot of attention.Want to know about tongzhou cemetery?Some questions about cemetery prices.Tongzhou cemetery is a beautiful environment, flat terrain, covers an area of large cemetery.The cemetery is very clean and beautiful, and the surrounding scenery is very good.In addition to the geographical advantages, the customer is most concerned about the price of the cemetery in Tongzhou district.Tongzhou district cemetery prices and last year about the same, there is no rise, the starting price is 19800 yuan.See here I believe you have some understanding of the cemetery in Jitongzhou District, the environment is one thing, followed by the legitimacy, the last is the price, I hope customers do more comparison when choosing a cemetery, from which to choose a cemetery more in line with their needs.

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