Lebron can still make the playoffs if 2 conditions are met and the Spurs give him a chance. Too hard

The Lakers played the Nuggets at home in a just-concluded NBA regular-season game.Coming off an unendurable five-game losing streak, the lakers had to win this one anyway.However, the result of the match was once again disappointing.Davis and Westbrook both put up good numbers, especially after the latter set a record with 10 consecutive field goal attempts, but they couldn’t stop the Nuggets.In the end, the lakers lost at home, 118-129, for an embarrassing sixth straight loss.With their sixth straight loss, the lakers improved to 31-47 and remain 11th in the Western Conference.The lakers remain the same in the standings, but they are further out of the playoffs.At the moment, the lakers have the best chance of edging out the SAN Antonio Spurs.What about the Spurs’ record?33-45!(Just now, the Spurs were in the game, and they easily beat the lakers in a blowout victory.) With that, the Spurs moved within two games of the Lakers.It’s going to be tough for the lakers to overtake the Spurs with four games left on both sides, but that’s not to say they don’t have a chance.So what are the prerequisites for the Lakers to overtake the Spurs for a playoff spot?At this point, there are only two conditions: the spurs go 1-3 and the lakers win four in a row;Second, the Spurs have lost four in a row and the lakers have won four in a row or lost only one.In other words, not only do the lakers have to win, they have to hope the Spurs give them a chance.But will such a situation exist?It’s almost impossible!Not to mention the spurs, the lakers will win one of their last four games. Phoenix, Golden State and Denver are all tough teams.Surprisingly, the lakers now have to rely on a few points to make the playoffs.The lakers deserve to be where they are.Back then, the Lakers were so secure in the play-offs that the teams behind them were hardly a threat, but the team won one game and lost many, eating away at their advantage.Even with all the injuries the lakers have suffered, they shouldn’t have performed so poorly.This season, the lakers are only four games away from going fishing.I wonder how Vogel will feel when the big Three are out at the same time, how the lakers’ front office will feel?Future, lakers road is still confused!

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