Men will no longer be able to work outside the home at 60 and women at 55 in 2022, according to a new regulation.why

In the long history of economic development, urban development is always a high priority, many farmers choose to leave the countryside to work in the city, almost a dozen for a lifetime, and some people even go to the city after retirement, just to earn a little money.But the new rules mean that people of retirement age will no longer be able to work.At present, the state has issued a new policy that no matter men or women can work after they reach the retirement age, for the sake of people’s health.Since it is the retirement age, people’s various aspects of technical ability and related physical strength estimates can not keep up with the state of ordinary work, so many times the work to bring them pressure is very big, especially some workers in the site work, but also try to prevent frequent accidents.In recent years, there have been many cases of elderly migrant workers falling on construction sites.Bring about sites don’t work for working on a building site that the common places, various escape, risk coefficient is very high, so the safety helmet is must take on the construction site, but with the helmet is protection, and can’t avoid danger, many people react slowly, have old after the processing of high-risk reaction.Therefore, as long as we do not let these people work, we can solve the construction site accidents from the source.In addition, the work at the construction site is very tiring. Frankly speaking, it is just like doing hard labor for so long. Although people’s physical strength has been trained, there is a certain upper limit, which in many cases will lead to permanent physical damage, such as being judged that they can never lift heavy objects.The elderly are inferior to the young in every way, and the owners of construction sites probably won’t either. If any workers are injured, they will lose more.▲ After the final retirement is a pension, there is really no need to give up the good time for money to choose to earn hard money, not to find an easy job to do it.The state stipulates that you cannot work after retirement. In fact, this is not for construction sites, but for all jobs, it is best not to engage in.But sometimes, in principle, it’s ok, because it seems reasonable.For example, you often find that the security guard at the door of some places is an old man, who usually sits at work and can have a rest.Then this kind of work is also very easy, it is estimated that there will be someone to smoke.Now the countryside has been in the country’s poverty alleviation work developed very in place, it is not good to stay to build their own rural hometown.No matter how poor the village is, targeted poverty alleviation has been implemented. In some areas, tourism has been developed. Of course, local people need to attract and guide tourists to visit, and planting industry can also be developed.There are also many villagers who choose to farm and sell agricultural products after retirement. You can easily find this when you go to the vegetable market. Most of the stalls in the vegetable market are older people, so they can have enough time to sell vegetables in the vegetable market.The state does not allow these old people to work in construction sites, of course, because they can work in cities without so much fatigue, and they do not have to choose such dangerous places as construction sites.Should have the time and his seven eight township construction in their rural hometown, so that is driving the development of social economy, led to a wealthy and prosperous country everyone, it is also very meaningful things, work at the site while income is very high, but the intensity of labor is too big, for the elderly, it would be very difficult for us to burden the pressure.

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