Mother riverside singing “Pilotage” era anthem

In order to meet the 20th victory of the Communist Party of China and the smooth holding of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, on February 4, Lanzhou civilization office organized moral model, longren proud son, advanced model, volunteers and other personnel in the Yellow River mother to carry out the song “pilot” singing activities.”The great Communist Party of China, braving the wind and waves, sets sail and guides China on the journey of the new era…”On that day, it was the fourth day of the lunar New Year, and the sun was warm in Jincheng Lanzhou. In front of the Statue of The Yellow River mother, jincheng role models sang the song “Piloting” along the mother river, a magnificent and inspiring ode of The Times rolling east along the mother river, expressing the belief and responsibility of jincheng people in the Spring Festival.Dream for the sail, faith for the oar.At 11 a.m., the prelude to the song “Piloting” suddenly sounded on the Zhongshan Bridge.”No matter how long it takes, you’re always by our side.Depending on each other, love is long…”With high “pilot” song melody, more than 30 advanced moral models, (3) one runway, typical, and volunteers gathered in the Yellow River mother statue to sing a song, will they love, love the motherland, to the party’s praise of The Times, to the dreams of the future, deep into the lyrics, melody, motivate people to go forward on the new journey.”I love the lyrics of ‘Pilot’ very much. They are warm, soulful and powerful.”Feng Weimin, one of the good people in China and the proud son of Longpeople, said that he would give full play to his light and heat as always under the inspiration of the song “Pilot”, and do enough volunteer work to write lei Feng’s story in the new era with practical actions.There is passion in the song, there is power in the song.The song “Piloting”, singing passionately, sings the volunteer power of the new era, sings the mission of the people of Jincheng!(Source: Lanzhou Civilization Office) Xigu District Rong Media Center typesetting: Li Tongyu

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