4-3!Trailing twice and drawing twice, China narrowly beat Japan in a penalty shootout to reach the final

As time goes by, the Women’s Asian Cup has come to the semi-finals in a blink of an eye.The South Korean women’s soccer team beat the Philippines 2-0 to clinch a spot in the final after beating Australia in the first semi-final.And the other semi-final place, will be between The Chinese women’s football and the Japanese women’s football.Speaking to the media before the match, Japan’s women’s football coach said they were confident of finishing the match in 90 minutes and securing a place in the Asian Cup.The coach of Chinese women’s football Team, Shui Qingxia, has faced the reality that Chinese women’s football team has not defeated the opponent for six years, and promoted the argument that both sides have a dozen.However, it was reported from the game, The Chinese women’s soccer team core player Wang Shuang sprained a foot, so she was directly arranged in the reserve lineup, in the absence of an absolute core, The Chinese women’s soccer team in the first half can withstand the Strong attack of the Japanese women’s soccer team is very critical.From the point of the first half of the game process, although in the first 30 minutes, the Japanese women’s possession rate is as high as 66%, compared to 34% of the Chinese women’s team, but as a result of the girls in a small range of cooperate and help defense has done a good job, and lost the ball after often can be in situ to rob, so even if the Japanese women’s team can control the situation on the pitch,They also had more attacking and scoring opportunities, but overall they were not really dangerous.However, in comparison, the Chinese women’s football team lacks a core who can control and create opportunities for teammates on the front line, but it is difficult to form real attack opportunities in the process of advancing in the attack, so the number of shots is very few.Only Wu Chengshu, Ma Jun and Tang Jiali had three shots on goal, none of which was a real threat, while The Japanese women’s team headed the ball into the net between the two central defenders of the Chinese women’s team with no. 19 Riko Ueki meeting no. 23 Miyazawa Isada’s cross from the left near the end of the 30 minutes.After this, both sides have no particularly good offensive opportunities, to the end of the first half, The Japanese women’s football team also 1-0 points ahead of the Chinese women’s football team.They had nine shots on goal in the first half, three of them on target.Possession was 69 percent throughout the first half.In comparison, although the Three lines of the Chinese women’s football team are better maintained, everyone’s defense is also more in place.But in terms of attack organization, or a Japanese women’s football played more insight, the Chinese women’s team’s two side defensive pressure, whether Wu Chengshu, or Zhang Linyan, in terms of wing attack, restrict, have been completed and the attack of the Japanese women’s football hero plant wood grain son is playing on the pitch is very active, they directly with low pass behind the Chinese women’s team defender tactics,It also has a great impact on the defense of The Chinese women’s football team.For The Chinese women’s football team, in the second half, in addition to continuing to do a good job in defense, how to try to convert the opportunities into hierarchical enveloping and shooting in attack, and form scoring opportunities, it is quite crucial.At the beginning of the second half, The Chinese women’s football team took the lead in substituting for Ma Jun by Zhang Rui and Zhang Linyan by Xiao Yuyi.It took less than two minutes for Wu chengshu, who had been set up by substitute Xiao Yuyi, to score from the line.The score came to 1-1.The two sides are back at the same starting line.The Chinese women’s soccer team scored this goal, but also let the players on the field to play more passionate, and the Japanese women’s soccer team also strengthened the midfield ball right to close down.The Japanese women’s football team in the fight among the action is quite some male, in the first half some waist injury Lou Jiahui obvious discomfort increased, Gao Chen had to replace Lou Jiahui at this time.And this time, is the 67th minute of the game.In the 73rd minute, The Japanese women’s team had two consecutive chances to score, one of which was almost scored by two Chinese central defenders and goalkeeper Zhu Yu.Fortunately, the Chinese women’s football team has also been through two dangerous passes.Both sides had chances at the end of the regular season, but didn’t take them.Although the Chinese women’s soccer team is severely physical.But they fought back to make it 1-1 in regular time and were forced to play 30 minutes of extra time.During the extra time, it was obvious that the Japanese women’s football team was in a hurry. As we said before, the other team planned to finish the fight in 90 minutes, but did not expect the Chinese women’s football team to play so hard and draw with them.So even when attacking opportunities did arise, they were handled haphazardly, making it difficult for either side to find a chance to score.However, no. 19 forward Riko Uechi came out on top again and headed home a free kick from outside the penalty area in the final moments of the first half of extra time to make the score 2-1.Although the referee had to wait a long time for the video assistant referee and we thought the goal might have been offside, the referee decided the goal stood.There were only 15 minutes left for the women’s soccer girls in the second half of extra time.In a desperate attempt to use their full quota of substitutions, Wang Shanshan took zhang Xin’s diagonal pass from the left in the 118th minute, with two minutes left in extra time, and put the ball into the Japanese net to tie the score at 2-2 in 120 minutes of play.The two teams will face a brutal penalty shootout.The first penalty kick for Japan was taken by Shabu Kumagai, whose shot was saved by Zhu Yu, but zhang Xin, the centre of the midfield, also hit a shot wide to make the score 0-0.Then appeared nagaya Kawasaki and Zhang Rui, as well as Nagano wind flower and Gao Chen, and water pear yarn, Yang Lina hit the same.And they both scored penalties.It was still a 3-3 draw.After zhu saved Nan’s shot, Wang shanshan kept her mind steady and continued to hit the penalty kick. China beat Japan 4-3 in a brutal penalty shootout to advance to the Final of the Asian Cup against South Korea.Congratulations to the Chinese women’s football team.Good for you girls.

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