“After 90” engineer Li Yancheng: I am on duty for the Lantern Festival

Li Yancheng inspects the inside of the engine carefully.Photo by TIAN Ye On February 15, the night of the Lantern Festival, on the apron of Nanjing Lukou International Airport, “post-90s” aircraft release personnel Li Yancheng stick to the front line, carefully check the aircraft systems, to guard the aviation safety of the Spring Festival travel.Li Yancheng is an authentic young man from Northeast China. He entered Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics from Heilongjiang province in 2011 and entered the aircraft Maintenance Department of China Eastern Airlines Jiangsu Company after graduation in 2015.This is the fourth year that Li has been on duty during the Spring Festival travel rush.”Maintenance workers should be on duty for one minute, safety 60 seconds of faith.”Li Yancheng said that the responsibility of airline maintenance is to ensure the continuous airworthiness of the aircraft, in this position, often have to face the time pressure, the daily high standard maintenance is the premise of guarantee, only in the daily trivial excellence, to ensure the technical stability of the aircraft fleet.He still vividly remembered that on the New Year’s Eve of 2017, he only had a few bites of the New Year’s Eve dinner prepared by the company before rushing back to the tarmac to complete the replacement of the plane’s VHF antenna with master.Work just finished and get another aircraft hydraulic failure notice, in order to troubleshoot, he and three workshop leaders and group members have been working until dawn.By the time we got out of the tarmac to punch in, our fingerprints were no longer recognizable because we had been exposed to hydraulic fluid for a long time.In the eyes of master Youjia, Li Yancheng is his proud apprentice.In the same year, Li Yancheng was the first employee to obtain the engine maintenance license, and in 6 years, he has rapidly grown into an excellent machine release personnel.You Jia often proudly said to her colleagues, “This big disciple is my true disciple!”Every Spring Festival, Li yancheng takes time off from work to send New Year’s greetings via video to his parents thousands of kilometers away to say “I’m safe” and talk to them for a while.”I didn’t get to be home with my family, but I felt warm here every moment.Today, the company canteen also hung red lanterns, we guess lantern riddles, eat dumplings, very lively.””I am willing to stick to my post so that more people can go home and be reunited safely,” Li said.(Tian Ye Kou Lingnan Shi Yang)

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