Fushun public security quickly cracked a series of theft cases

On February 11, qingyuan Manchu Autonomous County public Security Bureau in accordance with the flat command dispatch “sanqing” mechanism requirements, rapid attack, after careful investigation, cracked a series of theft cases, the suspect yu was arrested by the police.At 9 o ‘clock on February 11, qingyuan town people reported to the police that: in Qingyuan county some rotten tail building hospital stored iron plate, iron pipe and other items lost.After receiving the police, Qingyuan County public Security Bureau Hebei police station immediately organized elite police to carry out investigation.Criminal investigation brigade carries on investigation to the scene synchronously.After investigation, the storage site is usually unguarded, there is no surveillance video in the playground and the building, and the reporter is not sure about the specific items lost time.The Hebei police station immediately organized several police teams to follow up the investigation. After a 5-hour investigation, the police found that a middle-aged man was the most suspected, who pushed a cart and pulled goods around the scene on January 28 and February 3 respectively. The police immediately identified the suspect.Police according to the suspect theft time, the way to infer that the suspect has to continue to commit crimes in the near future, immediately squatting around the rotten tail building.At 1:00 on February 12, after 16 hours of fighting, the police will be the implementation of the theft of suspects in some caught on the spot, its to the case during the Spring Festival several times the theft of rotten tail building iron, iron pipe criminal facts confessed.At present suspect yu mou has been detained, the case is being handled.The police suggested to improve security awareness, to install video surveillance and other anti-theft measures, improve the level of technical defense, strengthen personnel on duty, to avoid causing property losses.Once discovered stolen, to protect the scene and the first time to call the police!Source: Ping an Fushun wechat official account

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