Jingzhou city legal aid to force, for the masses to avoid or recover economic losses of more than 6 million yuan

The reporter learned from the municipal Bureau of Justice that the 16th Legal aid “Spring” action of Jingzhou city accepted more than 180 civil legal aid cases of migrant workers and other special groups, and provided more than 3,200 legal advice, avoiding or recovering economic losses of more than 6 million yuan for the masses.The Legal Aid Law of the People’s Republic of China will come into force on January 1, 2022.In December 2021, the city launched the 16th “Spring” action of legal aid with the theme of “I do practical legal aid for the masses at your side”.Legal aid institutions throughout the city carried out five special activities, including “publicity” of legal aid, root cure of arrears in wages of migrant workers, “rule of law physical examination” of villages (and residents), “visits and surveys” of chambers of commerce and enterprises, and legal aid serving the people.In accordance with the requirements of decentralized and small-scale epidemic prevention and control, the Municipal Bureau of Justice guided local governments to constantly change their working ideas, innovate working methods, and effectively improve the publicity effect of legal aid through both online and offline efforts.Taking the opportunity of the promulgation and implementation of the Legal Aid Law of the People’s Republic of China and the Regulations on Public Legal Services of Hubei Province, various localities have coordinated and integrated online and offline resources through media platforms such as newspaper, Internet, app, micro and screen to carry out concentrated and frequent legal aid publicity and service activities.People can directly dial “12348” public legal service hotline to enjoy convenient, professional and efficient legal advisory services, and those who need legal aid and other legal services can go to the nearest legal aid agency.Up to now, the city’s legal aid agencies have carried out more than 100 activities, distributed more than 60,000 copies of publicity materials or goods, created a strong atmosphere to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers and poor people in the city, and expanded the awareness rate and influence of legal aid.Source: Jingcai News reporter an Jiaojiao correspondent Zeng Jun

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