Cambodia ranks second in the COVID-19 Recovery Index

According to the latest “COVID-19 Recovery Index” published by Nikkei Asia, Cambodia ranks second among more than 120 countries and regions, followed by Taiwan.Taiwan ranked first with 82 points, followed by Cambodia (78 points) and the United Arab Emirates (77.5 points). The Chinese mainland ranked fourth with 77 points.According to Nikkei Asia, at the end of each month, the newspaper ranks more than 120 countries and regions in terms of epidemic prevention, vaccination and social mobility. The higher the ranking, the lower the number of confirmed cases, the higher the vaccination rate, and the less restrictions such as social distancing, the further the recovery of the epidemic.The latest rankings show the situation in January, and the number of cured cases in Cambodia has been climbing steadily in recent months.Cambodia recorded fewer than 1,000 confirmed cases in January and no deaths in a month.Last November, Prime Minister Hun Sen ordered the country to open its doors and restart economic activity in all sectors as vaccination rates reached their target.Then, Cambodia introduced air passengers quarantine measures, resulting in a gradual recovery of the Cambodian aviation industry.As of February 4, the vaccination coverage rate for Cambodia’s 16 million population was 89.75 percent, with 5.7 million receiving the third dose and 490,000 receiving the fourth dose, according to the Ministry of Health.

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