Changzhou Weir Textile Co., LTD recalled Wellber brand Zebra Good Companion (1.5m,2m) bed guardrail

According to jiangsu Province defect product Management technology Center website news, a few days ago, Changzhou Weir Textile Co., Ltd. in accordance with the “consumer goods recall management interim provisions” requirements, take the initiative to jiangsu Province market supervision administration reported the recall plan, will from now on,This is to recall 67 Wellber Zebra Good Companion bed guardrils manufactured between February 26, 2021 and March 6, 2021.The bed guardrail within the scope of this recall has the following problems :(1) the applicable age is not marked in the product manual.(2) No instructions that “fencing and similar cribs shall be used only when the locking mechanism of the folding system is engaged”, “all assemblies shall be properly fastened”, and “the use of the product shall be discontinued when the child can climb out of the fencing and similar crib or reaches a height of XXX”.(3) No “Warning: do not leave anything that may be used as a pedal point or cause suffocation or strangulation in the fence or crib for similar purposes.” “Warning: Avoid open flames and other strong heat sources, such as electric sparks and gas flames, near the fence or crib for similar purposes.”The instructions are not marked with applicable age and relevant warning, or the warning is incomplete, which may cause consumers to ignore the relevant risks.Changzhou Weir textile Co., Ltd. will mail product instructions to customers free of charge to eliminate potential safety hazards.Consumers can log on to the official website of JD Wilberu flagship store to check whether the products they hold are within the affected range, or to learn more about the specific situation through customer service hotline (0519-85266506).Consumers also can login defect product management technology center of jiangsu province network (, and focus on WeChat (JSQXZH) to understand information related to the public, or call the hotline defective product management technology in jiangsu province center 025-52245132,Report problems or provide clues of defects during recall implementation.In addition, consumers can also log on to the website and, and follow the wechat official account (SAMRDPAC) to learn more information and report defects clues.

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