Faulkner’s the Sound and the Fury

William Faulkner has an unassailable position in The American literary world. It is said that the number of papers and works published on him every year is only less than that of Shakespeare among English writers, indicating his position in the hearts of Americans.Faulkner is the most influential stream-of-consciousness writer in The history of American literature. His masterpieces the Sound and the Fury, In Search of Lost Time and Ulysses are called “three masterpieces of stream-of-consciousness novels”.Faulkner’s the Sound and the Fury is a novel written by William Faulkner.Writer William Faulkner is the representative of American southern literature, numerous works of his life, works embody the disintegration of the demise of the American southern family, the old tradition, depicted in the southern U.S. society for more than a century before and after the civil war between the prosperity and decline, at the same time people suffering and contradictory inner depth of mining, the lack of discussion on people’s moral and faith and rich.It can be said that Faulkner’s accumulation of all his novels is a history of the change of the American South.It is worth noting that most of Faulkner’s stories took place in Yoknapatawpha County, so his descendants gave it a unique name — “Yoknapatawpha Lineage”.Faulkner’s the Sound and the Fury is one of his most beloved and widely read works.Faulkner poured so much energy into this novel, and it’s the only one he didn’t write for publication, that he wrote The Sound and the Fury for himself, for the art of fiction.Second, the Sound and the Fury is a book written from the bottom of his heart. It is his real life perception of the world, and he does not allow anyone to change a single word of it. This shows how much Faulkner loves the novel and how serious it is.Faulkner wrote the Sound and the Fury at one of the darkest times in his writing life.He was at a low point in his life, with rejected books, failed marriage proposals and financial difficulties that made it impossible to survive.Career lows, emotional, he is in doubt, he cry, heart, he need a safe haven, let it forget the anguish, and novel the sound and the fury is its emotions to send the best “tools”, in the end he succeeded, the work was an instant hit, now is also a great work of enduring.The Sound and the Fury is a novel about life. The author begins with the life she is most familiar with, and combines familiar family stories with her own feelings about growing up, so as to gain insight into society and life, which contains endless vitality.In addition, the author William Faulkner with accurate feeling to see his own inner world, that they can let readers to experience the author is a flesh and blood of strong and the weak, so read “the sound and the fury” is in the heart to read the author William Faulkner, to taste the life attitude and cognition of the world, so it is Faulkner’s creation of the novel.Faulkner’s writing of the Sound and the Fury is unique. The novel is composed of four independent chapters. Faulkner firmly grasses the main line of time philosophy and uses the technique of stream of consciousness to show the decline and fall of the great southern families.He exposes the inner heart of the characters with delicate brushwork and criticizes the selfishness, greed and ugliness of human nature with social ethics and moral standards.Faulkner’s stream of consciousness technique is very common in his novel The Sound and the Fury. The concept of time and the influence of psychology in modern Western philosophy can be seen everywhere, especially the ability to control time, which makes his works shine more brightly.In addition, multi-angle narration is one of the main characteristics of Faulkner’s novels, and the Sound and the Fury uses this technique to a perfect degree.He is also good at using long sentences, even without any punctuation marks in dozens of pages, to enrich the text. Of course, the long sentence pattern is also influenced by philosopher Bergersen, and the author can express his thoughts and feelings more deeply through long sentence patterns.Therefore, the multi-angle narrative method and the use of long sentence form become the charm of Faulkner’s novel the Sound and the Fury in writing form.Faulkner’s the Sound and the Fury: The Sound and the Fury: The Sound and the Fury: The Sound and the FuryIn the fate of drift, the most can see people’s integrity.The Sound and the Fury all things are just not worth changing.The Sound and the Fury A hard life brings a day’s sleep;Hard work all one’s life, can sleep forever.Life is full of sound and fury, but it means nothing.The Sound and the Fury It will be just you and me in tongues of fire and terror surrounded by pure fire.Each man is the arbiter of his own morality but no one should prescribe the happiness of another.The Sound and the Fury Anyone who is alive is better than anyone who is dead.But any one living person is no better than another living person.He had gone with the flow as a materialist, and hatred and despair had at times turned him into an irrational, quixotic vindictionist and sadist.All men are but the sum of their misfortunes.One day you think misfortune will tire of you, but then time becomes your misfortune again.People live in a dream where you run, but you can’t leave a fear you can’t believe, and you run to a place of safety in which you have no faith.– The Sound and the Fury

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