Hangzhou a rural building too beautiful hot search!Netizens admire, comments section “Crouching Tiger hidden Dragon”

In the past two days, a unique rural self-built house in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, has become popular. This morning, it was even trending on Weibo.Seven days ago, on February 4, a netizen named “Little Wizard” posted a video on a short video platform with the caption “Worthy of dasxiaoshan, which…Is it a farmer’s house?In the video, a modern style building appears among a group of rural houses, which is eye-catching.As of Feb 10, the video had more than 720,000 likes and more than 30,000 comments.In the video, it is a three-story villa in the shape of an art museum, with landscape elevators and large French Windows…”This is the real life version of Dream Remodel!””Too far ahead.””Ceilings of rural self-built houses.””Zhejiang farmer house can always break through your imagination.””Sure this isn’t an art gallery?Is the rural self-built house?””Does the owner have a daughter?Ready for a love affair.”However, on Feb. 11, the owner, Surnamed Kong, said the house was just beautiful but not practical, with only one room on the interior floor, according to Polaroid News.They have invited the construction team to renovate and are expected to move in in the second half of the year.According to Qianjiang Evening News, a nearby villager said that the family’s house used to be here and the new house was demolished and rebuilt in situ: “This family is an enterprise, and their business is quite large.In our side, when the family condition is good, they will rebuild the house, it is very normal.It’s just the shape of his house. It’s so different. I don’t think we’ve ever seen anything like it in the village.”According to Jimu News, reporters verified that the three-story building is located in a village under the jurisdiction of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.A staff member of the village committee told reporters that there are many small villas in the village, but this kind of art gallery shaped from the building, in the village is indeed the first case.Informed villagers revealed that the house looked for a professional design company in Hangzhou to do.”Everyone’s favorite farmhouse style is European villa style, like this architecture, is really quite new.Young people say it’s beautiful, but we think it’s not grand enough.””Said one villager.The villagers denied that many people commented online that it was a multimillion-dollar mansion.”Certainly not so much.I heard from the construction team that the construction cost is definitely higher than ordinary farmhouse, but compared with those magnificent European villas, the cost performance is still higher.”According to the villagers, the house is being run by the family’s son, who is in his 30s: “a well-educated, low-key young man.”Ms. Kong, the owner of the house, said, “Over the years, I haven’t calculated exactly how much I invested, but not millions or millions.Although my factory has been running for more than 20 years, it is still only a small business in the local area.”‘I don’t really like the look, but I definitely want to live in this house,’ Ms. Kong said.The reporter learned that the sudden explosion of the house fire, also brought trouble to the family.”It’s a private house, after all, and no one wants to be disturbed.””Said a villager.As a matter of fact, in Zhejiang area, rural construction of housing crouching tiger hidden dragon many.Many netizens have printed pictures: the media has been reported for many times before: Hangzhou a couple of 80 after the rural construction of the house, the netizens after seeing the print straight kua: this is young people’s aesthetic!What does the house look like?A look at the appearance of the living room dining room toilet is the next set of hangzhou guy spent two years to spend 2 million yuan to build his own house.The appearance of the living room, dining room, staircase finally look at Hangzhou someone spent 600,000 burst to change the farmer’s room, take the elevator to 4 floors!Many people went to see it.Let a lot of people can not help but praise the small building, we take you local fine taste.Through the large floor-to-ceiling window, you can look out into the blue sky, and below is a piece of green plants.There is also a tea drinking area in one corner of the outdoor balcony, where you can sit drinking longjing and smelling osmanthus fragrans in autumn.Have you seen the ceilings in these self-built houses?Statement: Smart Yantai published this article for the purpose of passing on more information.If any source is wrong or violates your legitimate rights and interests, welcome to contact me for correction and deletion. Thank you.

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