How messy is the relationship between the Nets teammates?With all the ex-boyfriends in the room, Seth is the only honest guy

Not long ago, the nets simmons, Seth through a deal – garage, drummond in the squad, simmons joined also let teams formed the new big three, but in addition to the stadium, the relationship between the new member of the nets and veteran seems a bit subtle, in the court, they are confused, can be said to be the former boyfriend gather together a piece,The only honest guy is Seth Curry. What’s going on here?Let’s take a look at their connections.Simmons and Griffin are both former boyfriends of Kendall Jenner. Simmons broke up with Jenner and then got back together.In simmons and jenna during the first break up once griffin and jenna together over a period of time, and simmons and jenna, for the first time after break up and fell in love with a rock singer named georgina, more funny, griffin also once and the georgina talked about love, now two people become a teammate, relationship to mention how much iron.Of course, they’re not the only NBA players Jenner has talked to. Kuzma and Booker have both been together with Jenner, and Booker is still her boyfriend.Irving was also linked to Jenner during his time with the Celtics, but he never confirmed that he was dating her, and Jenner even went to Boston’s home court to watch him play.Kyrie Irving is the first NBA player who can resist jenna’s temptation. No wonder Irving is called immortal. I’m afraid only immortal can get rid of seven emotions and six passions!The relationship between Kyrie, Griffin and Simmons is now over, and the relationship between Kyrie and Seth Curry is also quite unusual.We all know Seth is married to Carrie rivers, daughter of Philadelphia 76ers coach Doc Rivers, and that he was in a relationship with Paul George when George cheated on her while she was pregnant, and Carrie immediately distanced herself from George and aborted his child.After the breakup, Carrie met and fell in love with Owen, but their relationship didn’t last long. Then they broke up, and Seth Curry ended up marrying Rivers’ daughter.But Seth’s daughter marry rivers, and his father also has much to do with dell – database, because they are a devout Christian, do not allow in premarital sex, but no Seth and when she got married daughter is pregnant with his child, let the rivers until may have conceived, dell did not know this matter.Seth did not intend to marry, but in order to protect the Christian reputation of their family, Dale also asked Seth to marry her, and eventually they also walked into the marriage hall.Now that Seth and Irving are teammates, I wonder if Seth’s wife will feel awkward when the nets win a championship and the family shows up.Simmons and Griffin do get along, though, and Griffin has spoken about Simmons more than once. It seems that simmons and Griffin don’t care about their ex-boyfriends, but does Seth?

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