Police report “woman forcibly dragged away by family members” : family members do not approve of the relationship

According to Ningxia Yinchuan City Public Security Bureau Xxixia branch February 13 notification, 2022 February 11 at 15 xu, Yinchuan City Xxixia district public security bureau Ninghua road police station receive 110 instructions: alarm zhang said it and girlfriend gao mou to discuss marriage certificate, girlfriend relatives suddenly door to forcibly take gao mou, need disposal.Police quickly arrived at the scene to investigate.Through understanding: Zhang so-and-so (Yunnan register) with cummer gao mou (Gansu register) live temporarily in Yinchuan, 2 people be in love 5 years or so, gao mou parents do not agree both sides love marry.February 11 15 xu, gao mou parents and gao mou brother, uncle a line of four people drive to zhang xx residence, will gao xx drag on the car, and with Zhang xx tear.Police scene ask alarm zhang xx injury, and quickly telephone gao mou and his parents, gao mou said he has returned home with parents gansu, to love and marriage problems will seriously consult with parents.Police warned gao mou parents not to take violent means to limit gao mou freedom, and will be the police situation to investigate the disposal of the report to the Police in Gansu Province.On Feb 12, pet blogger jiupin Sesame Shovel-poo Guan posted a video saying his girlfriend was forcibly dragged away by her family for lack of 500,000 yuan in bride price.The incident quickly attracted attention.To this, the party already reported to the police.13, yinchuan women’s Federation staff also said that the blogger has contacted his girlfriend, the two sides are negotiating to deal with the matter, the girlfriend does not want to pursue the responsibility of their parents.Whether to 500000 dowry is true, why her parents forcibly dragged girl, party girl responded that she and his girlfriend together for six years, master’s two people together to do after graduation from media, half a year ago that she would tell home, the relationship between the two people very angry, but family is mainly to the development of her personal problem, hope she have a belongs to own stable job.She was dragged away by force because she left the day before without saying goodbye. Her family was very angry when they found out and did not deal with it properly.At the time, the family just wanted to take her away, not really fight her boyfriend.(Dai Youqing, reporter of Beijing Youth Daily)

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