Sure!Chongzhou rape flowers bloom!

Spring is the most beautiful scenery is splashing in the open field is paved in the landscape with the background of golden flowers in March of the picture is the generous giving chung states scenery overlooking the snowy scenery line close to see the blossom charming classic features shall rape with gorgeous colour of spring on the romantic and poetic linger in the flowers bees fly out of track against the warm sunshine season should be direction of rendering the spring that jing hedgeFall thin thin always deep, headdress flower tree falls not walk fast children chased colorful yellow butterfly, fly into cauliflower is found in the children’s favorite season flowers have tong qu and innocent people in the flowers, people in the scene when immersed in a time of flowers has become the most beautiful part of the landscape has become the field of vision image of water shoot wide ridge road half inclined, sad even a peasant spring breeze since the “plum,Also have time to cauliflower cauliflower is by no means the outcast of spring but the representative and symbol of spring on the field, the wetland side of rape flowers bloom together with the most gorgeous colors everywhere you can see the scenery of the high-speed train through the blooming fields in the romantic season of rape flowers full of gold,Take a train through a forest of flowers, witness the most beautiful landscapes, witness the most precious memories, witness a forest of golden flowers, mountains covered with soft winds, flowers blooming, flowers blooming, flowers blooming, flowers blooming till summer. The flowers bloom in front of Five Star Village in Baitou Town.The rape flowers in Chongzhou are in bloom!Sunset plain wind over the place, vegetables and beans and flowers such a landscape, worth meeting!Photography: Walking in the garden

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