Tian Jing sun Guo Wei eat meat, afraid to be seen with noodles covered, behind the reason for a sour nose

Recently “28 incident” is still on the Internet continues to ferment, now several parties are gradually quiet.Du Xinzhi and Xiong Lei became marginal figures and spent the Spring Festival in Jiujiang without mentioning anything about the “28 incident”.Xu Min and his wife were silent. After the death of kaifeng’s aunt, several uncles stopped speaking.Only Tian Jing family, in order to take goods still on the Internet to expose their daily, keep enough heat.Some time ago, Tian Jing’s brother registered a company account, tian Jing and his brother’s family plan to use the company account to live bring goods, so that the account is not afraid of being reported.Company expansion, Tian Jing and brother is mou foot strength, the whole family.Recently, Tian Jing posted a video on social media, in which the two families of Tian Jing and Tian Di are eating noodles in the yard. It has to be said that the pot noodles are very attractive. There are not only noodles, but also slices of meat, vegetables and so on.When the two families saw the noodles coming, they rushed forward to fill them. Tian Jing and her sister-in-law, riding through the dust, scooped up the meat in their own bowls.The sister-in-law is the most excessive, and even the chopsticks stretched to tian Jing’s bowl of meat, so that Tian Jing was very angry, teasing each other “to others in the bowl.”Guo Wei chops garlic on one side. After he finishes, he joins in the fight for meat.I have to say it was Guo Wei who played. The chopsticks quickly interacted with the bottom of the pot, picking up a large amount of meat into their own bowl.Finally ruthlessly clip a big chopsticks noodles, cover in the bottom of the bowl.In the end, even Tian jing could not bear to watch, joking: ‘I said how to put the meat first, because it will be covered with noodles later.To this, Guo Wei can not refute, can only smile, and then give Qiqi Yueyue a big bowl of noodles, trying to cover up the matter.Have to say tian Jing’s table is really very warm, because the family relationship is good, there is no estrangement between each other, to grab each other’s bowl of food, there is no concern about the pot of meat in his bowl.What seems selfish is actually the result of getting along.If the relationship between the two families is not so good, they will certainly be very polite, and both are embarrassed to take meat from the pot. Xiong Lei’s table is a very good comparison.Recently, Xiong Lei also posted a video of her eating on the Internet. At the table, her relatives kept serving her food, looking very enthusiastic, but Xiong Lei did not seem particularly happy.This kind of behavior seems to care about the other person, but in fact is too hypocritical, in order to show their enthusiasm, but ignore the feelings of the other person.The other person keeps picking food for himself, so that he never gets to eat what he wants, only what the other person picks up for him.And doing so will inevitably give a person a kind of “posing” feeling.Pull some far, we go back to Tian Jing Guo Wei.Guo Wei kept eating meat from the pot, giving people the feeling that he had not eaten meat, the reason behind it makes people sour.A netizen in the comment section said that it was Du xinzhi’s fault that Guo Wei behaved like this.It can be seen that Guo Wei likes meat very much, but Du Xinzhi won’t let him eat it.If from urine can satisfy appetite, Guo Wei and why after growing up, with such eating?Guo Wei, who followed Du Xinzhi, should have suffered a lot in his childhood.Now the good life of the family has just begun, live with goods to make money, Guo Wei want to eat what, do not have to wronged themselves.”28 events” instead let Guo Wei a blessing in disguise, live want to live, hope two families can happily live in the future.Do you have anything to say about that?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.

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